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work, stress, family...
13 Replies
Chelsea - February 23

i have been so much stressed out with my job and i only find time to cuddle with my husband every sundays which i am sure is very hard for both of us to have a baby. i am already a mother of beautiful girl and we would want to have one more baby but after 36 months of trying nothing has ever happened with our efforts. all the while, i am getting tired of trying and exhausted since i am working at the same time, my husband on the other hand is getting so much frustrated. it`s clear none of us are suffering from infertility since we got one child but i am not sure if this has something to do with being both of us so stressed out with our jobs... i need your opinion here...


Daphne22 - February 24

you know, as I analyze your situation, you've been anxious of having another child but your so busy that you don't have time for each other. Stay close to each other and stay sweet as you are before.


catherine - February 25

don't pressure much yourself of having a baby again sometimes this will lead you to become so stress out... i think you need to take some time to relax first. food can also play a big part of your health and into your reproductive system.


melody - February 26

The decisions is really up to the both of you. I think you need a break and you need a lot more time together. If you really want to have another baby then it needs a lot of planning and one of it is to stay away from a lot of stress and overwork.


ysah - February 26

You need to decide before it's too late on the both of you. Just be willing to sacrifice. Anyways,it's your happiness that's what's best.


jelene - February 27

take some time to relax and to rejuvenate yourself. plan for a vacation with your husband and make up things so you could have baby successfully.


fionah jane - March 1

Well, it's not easy to mix your work with pleasure. But If you really want to have a baby, I think it needs a lot of sacrifices coming from you because you will be the to conceive the baby. So, I suggest, you better give yourself time to relax and don't overstressed yourself because it can hinder your chances of getting pregnant.


Serge - March 1

If you want to add a child then let the two of you isolate from the busy and hassle of the flow of financial acquisition. Have a date like as what you have done before and during your marriage.


LisaMae - March 4

I agree to what Melody said, you both should find time to bond each other 'cause togetherness and being there for each other matters so much.


tonette - March 13

You need to focus on something you think you like best. If you think you want to have a complete family..having a baby, then relax for a while with dealing with so much work and stress..You can never be pregnant, unless you set your mind straight that you want a baby..and that would be your top priority!


jinky - March 15

You really are both stress out with your job. So, my suggestion is for you to try to take a leave with your respective job. Have a vacation together so that you can have time for yourselves ..have romantic time together..enjoy your vacation..relax and you will see..a positive answer will come your way!


Mareife - March 23

I was hoping to achieve a total healing of infertility, I prayed to God the blessings of having conception. And now I am still hoping to deliver a baby boy next month. God is so good. I am a pregnant woman now.


kaye - April 9

I believe that both of you were so stress which makes it hard for you to have a baby. Try taking up vitamins to lessen the stress of your body. That's for both husband and wife. Good luck!


devine grace - April 10

Just set your priorities straight..if you wan to have a baby, then focus on it and not just on other things.



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