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3 weeks pregnant
21 Replies
jade - April 11

it's a good news for me and for my partner (i guess) that i am 3 weeks pregnant.. the first was a miscarriage pregnancy and now that i am pregnant again it makes me think about my experience before. now, i am so much paranoid, what will i do?


sissy - April 11

don't think too much about your past experience or you will just feel so much pressured.


shereen - April 12

that's right, thinking too much may compromised your baby's health.


leera - April 12

since you had experienced miscarriage, you need to know what you should and should not do this time to avoid that experience again.


rowena - April 12

take some vitamins, relax, eat well and get some proper sleep, don't think about negative things anymore.


Mylene W. - April 12

now is the time to be more careful and cautious. you are lucky enough to get pregnant again so take care of it.


Curly - April 12

Don't think of the past. What is important is that you are pregnant again. Just take care of it and don't be STRESSED!!!


zenny - April 12

Don't be paranoid, don't be pressured. Just think positively and be HEALTHY. Maybe this is the RIGHT TIME for you to have baby. Just enjoy it and take care of yourself. Forget the past and don't keep on thinking sad memories cause it may affect the baby.


Ronda - April 12

it may be difficult to adjust as you may fear to experience that again, be sure you are emotionally relaxed.


Chelsea - April 12

although the chance of experiencing miscarriage again is possible, the truth is 85% of women who had loss will go on having successful pregnancy next time.


Gemz - April 12

did you ever consider consulting a specialist about conceiving again? you should seek health provider to help you.


tanya - April 12

i am just curious how old you are because mostly of miscarriage pregnancy happened to women at around 30+ something and up.


Felice - April 13

probably the risk of having miscarriage again is when you had experienced 2 or more miscarriage before. but just be extra careful this time.


joey - April 13

most of miscarriage issues are those women who has previous fertility problems.


cheska - April 13

those signs you had before your miscarriage, take note of it and try to avoid any circumstances that it will occur again.


Glenda - April 13

staying positive after a loss is most important and don't be paranoid much.


martha - April 13

you may not be enjoying it much about being pregnant after a loss, it will always take time for you to go back in normal feelings.



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