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Acknowledging Pregnancy Loss
10 Replies
Ophelia - February 17

I recently had my third pregancy loss, and I can't say enough good about the staff in gyne ward at our local general Hospital, both nurses and doctors. They were empathetic and very informative and there was always time to answer my numerous questions.


Trista - February 17

I had a miscarriage 6 years ago, I know it's a while ago but I still remember the care I received. I went to a certain hospital as advised by my doctor; They put me in front of the queue and I was seen by a great gyne and other doctors, they wanted me to stay in overnight but I decided not to, I went home with instructions from the doctors on what to do, to me it's more of an emotional thing than a physical one, the hospitals are so busy and also the doctors that i knew i would be fine at home and would not expect doctors and nurses to be "all over me" as there are many other physically sick people needing their attention. The gyne rang me the morning after to see was I all right and I went to my own GP from there on for the after care. Women need understanding and sympathy for sure but that needs to come from family, friends, partners etc and not to be expected from an already over stretched service in the hospitals. It's very difficult to come to terms with a miscarriage and I still think of the little one I lost but the last place I would feel angry at is the doctors and nurses.


Jade - February 17

I suppose it depends on the situation. I was an inpatient for 3 weeks due to an ectopic pregnancy and due to the seriousness of the situation had to be monitored very closely. Because the staff were so nice and thorough, I knew that if I needed surgery, which was always a possibility, I knew that I was in safe hands. Even with nurses and doctors being very busy it doesn't take a lot for the doctor to introduce themselves and to acknowledge the loss. I remember one doctor came in and introduced herself by her first name only, she was so down to earth and while she was very busy, she was also very human which I think a lot of them lose along the way, which is understandable with all they see.


Prairie - February 17

I had three miscarriages before my son was born. The first two happened quite close within six months in 1998 and the third in 2000, but I was very well treated by my gynecologist and the nurses. They gave me plenty of advice on recovering and trying again.


Valora - February 17

I had a miscarriage 2 years ago, they admitted me as they thought it was an ectopic pregnancy, I had been trying to conceive for 3 years before I had the miscarriage, I was put on a ward with women who were undergoing gyne surgery so that was fine. I tried to talk to a nurse about my miscarriage and she told me to count myself lucky I did get pregnant as she'd been trying for over 10 years with no success, she then walked away, I was very upset, I was discharged the next day, I had to go back in a few days later to get more blood tests, I actually had a panic attack in the lift up to the ward, I'll never set foot in that hospital again.


bless - February 27

you should definitely find another hospital and go for second opinions about your situation. it is important that your condition must be addressed to someone who is very particular on your case and who is knowledgeable enough in delivering the correct information you need to know.


fionah jane - February 28

I think it's really depends on a certain situation. You just can't blame anybody for such a loss. You yourself should take charge on everything don't just depend on it to a certain doctors or nurses on your place. Do your part too..they are just there to help but you do all the necessary things on your situation.


devine grace - March 1

For me, it's really a nobody's's I guess,beyond a certain circumstances that cannot be avoided. Just hope and pray that nothing of it would happen to you next time. So, just be careful.


lovely mae - March 19

I think it's really wrong to judge other people with your loss. I know it's quite hard on your part, but you need to face everything without blaming others. You have to understand that people are not at all bad.


honey - March 20

Yeah, stop blaming others for all the bad things that happen on you..need to accept everything as God's well and just be very careful next time.


alexa - March 21

You need to understand the situation and that your anger should be of your pregnancy loss and not about blaming others for such bad circumstances that happened.Don't give up hopes..but learned on some mistakes so that you will not have to experience the same loss.



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