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Acne & Pregnancy
10 Replies
Joanne - March 26

Hello. I am 5 months pregnant and is feeling okay except for this acne that I am experiencing. I am planning to see my doctor in a week by now regarding this acne. But hearing from your end with the same experience will be highly appreciated.


Therese - March 26

A lot of women will have a problem with acne during pregnancy mainly because the circulation to your skin increases threefold while you are pregnant.


Faith Lalaine - March 26

Skin breakout occurs because while you are pregnant your metabolism rate increases and you perspire more. This makes your sebaceous glands kick into overdrive and cause blemishes.


Dina - March 26

You can treat your acne with gentle cleaning a few times a day. Always remember to use mild cleanser.


Judy - March 26

Go and see you doctor for some medications.


Nelly - March 26

I strongly advise you not to take any oral or over the counter acne medications without your doctor's advise.


Juicy - March 26

Agree, it is good for you to seek medical advise then rather than to take any over the counter medications like what others do because your case maybe different with their case. Extra precautions must be take especially that you are pregnant.


ELVIRA - March 27

for all we know, pregnancy can trigger to have some acne or can even make an adult acne that is existing to get worst. this is because of our higher level hormones called androgens that is responsible for pregnancy breakouts.


fionah jane - March 28

Acne during pregnancy is quite normal and it's part of the body changes during pregnancy. Don't worry, it's nothing serious and there's a treatment for it.


violet - March 29

I think it will subside as soon as you give birth..don't worry about acne, it is something not to serious to be worried about.


mYra - April 12

It's just an acne. Don't be too conscious about it. AS long as you and your baby are okay and in good condition, that will be OK...



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