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After miscarriage
16 Replies
Lenny79 - February 21

Hi there! I had once experience a miscarriage but I am not losing to hope to actually give birth to a child. But I've got some concerns if getting pregnant after a miscarriage would cause me some complications.


Aurea - February 21

You better be cautious the next time you get pregnant because miscarriage will probably result in future pregnancy complications.
Lucky if you don't have any.


Stephanie - February 21

Maybe that would depend on how many times you had a miscarriage. Once may not cause any complications at all.


Femia - February 21

I kinda disagree with you Stephanie, cause a recent report on Reuters Health shows that women who have had a miscarriage may be more likely to have complications with future pregnancies, even if they have only had one miscarriage.


marlene - February 21

Lenny, i had a friend who used to have miscarriage 2times but on her third pregnancy, fortunately, there's no complications. Just be careful and always ask some advice from your doctor.


ysah - February 21

Theoretically, it may be possible to conceive and get pregnant again after a miscarriage, but some women resume ovulating right away on a normal schedule, following a miscarriage, so it is also possible for this women who could get pregnant again.


Dianne C. - February 22

I believe that women who had a previous miscarriage were at higher risk of having pregnancy complications which includes threatened miscarriage, preterm delivery, the need for labor induction, and postpartum hemorrhage.


Cindy M. - February 22

Lenny, there might be some complications and you just need a constant monitoring the next time you get pregnant.


Bonnie K. - February 22

It might sound quite frightening to women who had a history of miscarriage, be it once or multiple times but the experience they had can be used to alert them to be more diligent with getting early prenatal care and to be watchful for potential pregnancy complications with subsequent pregnancies.


Loreen - February 22

Hello there Lenny. I suggest that you should wait to attempt again to have a baby until you are physically, as well as emotionally ready.


Charmice - February 22

You've got a point there Loreen cause you know Lenny, if you are pregnant and you have some emotional issues over your past miscarriage, somehow that would cause some complications. Emotional factors play a big role though.


Zara - February 22

It takes time for the uterus to recover and for the endometrial lining to become strong and healthy again. So wait for a few months for you to get pregnant again. For now, restore your body condition as well as your mind condition. This is for you to have a healthy pregnancy and avoid miscarriage once again. I know how devastating having a miscarriage is.


Kaye23 - February 22

Some physicians strongly recommend that couples should wait for six months to a year before attempting another pregnancy in order to come to terms with their loss.


Carmel - February 22

6 months to a year? That is white quite long Kaye. What is the reason for compelling so long anyway?


Kaye23 - February 22

For a lot of reasons Carmel, first is for the uterus to recover and second is for emotional preparation. Losing a baby is not like losing a thing that you can replace anytime soon. So to be totally prepared for the next baby, you need to be totally over from your previous miscarriage so that you can focus on the recent one.


Lenny79 - February 22

Thanks for all your info. It all make sense. I just hope that my subsequent pregnancies,with constant monitoring would not be as complicated as we think it is.


Shedeen - February 23

after miscarriage, the woman involve for it must submit a cleaning of uterus, so that next time of pregnancy it will be smoothly success.



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