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An Intrigue Pregnancy
11 Replies
vernze - February 19

Is it possible to became pregnant for an only one sexual intercourse?


Jick2 - February 19

Yes!... if the sperm cell and the egg cell have instantly meet each other... you become pregnant right away.


kharren - February 21

yes, there's a very big possibility especially if you are unprotected during sex.


Lorie - February 21

Any time a guy and a girl have vaginal intercourse, pregnancy is possible. So be careful and if possible be protected.


geraldine - February 21

Very much possible! If you do it only one intercourse but both of you are fertile during the said intercourse without any protection, then you will really get pregnant.


fionah jane - February 22

Yes! you can be pregnant especially if you're not safe on the day you had sex and you are not using any contraceptives! So, be responsible enough!


therianne - February 23

the sperm cell releases a substance called the antifertilizin to be able to penetrate the egg. If the two substances match, fertilization occurs.


Arlene55 - February 25

it is studied that there are possibilities which the woman can easily get pregnant if the woman in her sexual play has also in her ovulation period.


Christine - April 9

On some cases its possible. But I believe if the women is fertile its not difficult for her to get pregnant.


Shiela - April 9

Yes, of course. But it depends upon the time and the condition of the woman's health. If sexual play was done at the period of ovulating then it is easy to become pregnant even if the sexual play was done only ones.


yonnie - April 10

I wonder what makes intriguing with can happen to any body, especially if you are fertile and no protection in doing sex.


Clare - April 10

Of course! If your egg cell and the sperm cell of your husband meet each other then you are going to become pregnant. But to be sure, have a pregnancy test.



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