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Anal Sex During Pregnancy
16 Replies
Katrina P. - February 26

Quite shameful to ask but is anal sex safe to pregnant women?


Jordane - February 26

Most couple if the woman is pregnant practice anal sex because that is should I say the most possible or comfortable position for the moment. If practice with proper hygiene, I believe that is safe for pregnant women.


Ciara - February 26

Anal sex during pregnancy will expose the pregnant women to the danger of getting hemorrhoids or constipation.


Richie - February 26

I should say no, that is not safe for pregnant women to have anal sex. That could cause inflammation to you anus especially if you are already having issues with anal inflammation, hemorrhoids, or any sort of anal pain. The more you should abstain from anal sex to avoid things to get worse.


Becka87 - February 26

Definitely anal sex is not safe whether pregnant women or not. But the more that it is not safe to pregnant women. Because our anus contains bacteria that if introduced into our vagina can cause infection that may be harmful to us and our baby.

But if you really can't get away with anal sex, just please observe proper hygiene.


fionah jane - February 26

I don't think it's safe. I'm into sex during pregnancy but anal sex is totally a different issue that's really not good to practice during pregnancy because the effect it would have is really for me totally harmful to the baby in the womb.


jinky - February 27

I suggest you ask your obgyne about it. As far as I know sex is safe during pregnancy, but when it comes to anal sex, that's another issue you need to ask from the expert.


curious girl - February 27

why do you use an anus to satisfy sex? it is not safe to be done most especially to a pregnant woman. This kind of sexual act is done only to the third sex...the homesexual person. As far as I am concern it can danger the life of the one who is molested to this kind of sexual act.


ysah - February 28

yeah, i think that's a very good question you have there, curious girl. Why should you practice anal sex, when in fact you have your vagina? It's really not good for women to have anal sex, much more for pregnant ones? Why did you come up to a certain idea that you like to have it where in fact pregnancy is a no joke situation. Arte you in a correct state of mind?


cheryl - March 1

Why doing anal sex, where in you can comfortably lay down and have your partner do the usual intercourse in the vagina? Anal sex is too difficult on a pregnant woman to perform.


heatherlyn - March 12

Well, probably it's safe. But be careful if you have hemorrhoids, remember that they tend to become larger during pregnancy. If your hemorrhoids are bleeding when you are having anal sex, then it's possible that you can lose a large amount of blood and it can somehow in danger you and your baby.


Marivec - March 13

This kind of sexual play is not advisable to the pregnant woman. This might a factor of infection moreover may cause illness to the fetus.


cassie - April 10

I don't think that is safety. As we all know, our anus contains bacteria which makes it sound dirty or unsafe. It might lead to illness.


sugary - April 10

No,no,no! it is not safe for the pregnant woman and even to not pregnant. It is not safe! Please don't do again it if you have made them in the past. You might enter the door of gloom!


sylvia - April 10

I have tried anal sex a couple of's also good, but not as good as doing it in the vagina. But I've done it not during pregnancy..if your pregnant, please don't do anal sex, for me it's is really not safe!


Annie - April 11

As far as I know, it is not advisable to do sexual play through anal. It may be one of the cause of illness.


Coney - April 11

Anal sex is 100% not safe. It's really hard for pregnant women to do this thing. And i find it not hygienic. It's really harmful because anal as we all know is the passage of all dirty that came out from our body.



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