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any natural birth control methods?
22 Replies
tanya - March 20

i got 3 kids now and i don't want to get pregnant anymore. the last time i took pills, i still got pregnant with my 3rd kid and it was of course unplanned. what can you suggest any natural birth control methods out there?


leera - March 20

somehow it seems so hard to do the cycle since this can vaary and somehow is tricky. why don't you try some basal thermometer? this will help you out with your ovulation times.


aurora - March 20

even pills are not reliable, i don't think either natural birth methods can. but, you may try it out by letting you partner do the part of avoiding getting pregnant again.


rowena - March 20

there are numbers of natural methods of contraception but the questions is which one works on best and which one is really effective.


GLADYS - March 20

exactly, but i would still rather choose the natural method since these are not mechanical and not a result of hormone manipulation which is good.


shanice - March 20

most importantly it will not compromised your health. what about FAMs or the fertility awareness methods which concentrates on the woman's ovulation each month.


tatiana - March 20

how about calendar rhythm method? it avoid getting pregnant that relies on calculating the woman's fertile period on the calendar.


johannah - March 21

Well, I just know only one natural birth control method known as ryhtm method.It is proven to be very effective and is safe and is actually accepted by the church.


jinky - March 22

For your safety, it's best to consult your doctor and ask for a contraceptive pill that is good and fits for you to take. You cannot just take any kinds of birth control pills..if it works for the might not work best for you. So, to be sure, just have proper consultation first with your doctor.


charice - March 22

there's this BBT or the basal body temperature that will based on a woman's temperature which actually drops 12 to 24 hrs before an egg is released from her ovary.


siren - March 22

there are so many methods lik symptothermal but there are actually some slight symptoms like breast tenderness and cramping.


sylvia - March 25

my cousin tried out mucus inspection method i don't know if this is good for almost all women but it did good job on her.


chesca - March 25

some are just relying on an ovulation testing kits to predict and determine when a woman is most likely to ovulate.


liezl - March 27

some say that when you are still breastfeeding, you may not get pregnant or cannot become pregnant and this is called the lacatational infertility.


sylveria - March 27

i tried this and never got pregnant indeed. i do vaginal douching regularly. i don't know much more but i think it's just coincidence.


chacha - March 27

did you ever tried withdrawal method? man can prevent you from getting pregnant too. your man just needs more of self-control so he can make it successfully.


harem - March 27

not having sexual intercourse at all? abstinence as they may say but it's kind of not that a good one to hear especially for married couples. but of course a couple may plan to practice abstinence from sexual activity for some specific time.



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