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Are you ready to have a Child?
10 Replies
Aarone Mae - January 28

When you opt to have children, you decide to give up some things. You are ready to wear lose dresses. You must think not only for yourself but for the goodness of your baby while he/she still in your womb. Many more do's and don'ts while you're in pregnancy period.


monique - January 29

It's indeed not easy to be a mother or to become a parent. That's why it's very important to know if you are ready all aspects..mentally, physically financially and most of all emotionally ready to handle a responsibility.


KayeCharz - January 30

One thing more is SPIRITUALLY. To become a mother is not an easy task. You must face the responsibility you are going to shoulder-on. You may encounter problems along the way but don't forget that God is always ready to help you.


Zanie304 - February 2

Psychologically, the pregnant woman may think of so many things. She may think of her physical figure. What to eat and what not to eat is also may bothered within.


Dynie042 - February 5

Are you really ready? Take note: A mother should wake up early in the morning. But because you are, the mother must give protection for them.


meriam_floyd - February 6

I think if you decide on something it means you are very much willing to take the risk. And having to have a baby on your own is the best experience worth risking for.


lovella - August 3

this era, women are already empowered. we are more courageous, independent, we know what we want and what is good for us. it doesn't matter how young or old we are to conceive as long as we can handle it.


chynna - August 3

motherhood is a job with no day-offs and timeouts. that is why before entering it, one should be physically, mentally, emotionally and financially ready.


maribel - August 4

Having child does not only focus to women, we also need to consider our partners whether they are ready or not. It's always a two-way street.


cath ann - August 4

part of bearing a child is to sacrifice some things that you normally do when you're still single.


alexa - August 4

being responsible is on top of your priority when you want to have kids.



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