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Baby Twins Hereditary
12 Replies
januarylyn - April 2

Is it true that having baby twins is hereditary or it's in the family? Or it is possible also that you can have baby twins even if you have no history of twins in the family?


monique - April 3

Yeah, I think it's hereditary because I've heard that if it's in your family you have history of's possible also that some members of your family could have twins too.


Elizh - April 3

It is in the genes of the parents. Geneticists usually use twins as test subjects in studying how also environment plays a role in hereditary.


Richie - April 3

Let me share this information to you- there are two kinds of twins ; the identical and fraternal. Identical twins result from a single egg fertilized by one sperm and which splits after fertilization. These twins have identical genetics information. Fraternal twins result from the fertilization of two eggs by two different sperm cells. The offspring may either be both male or female or a combination of both.
These are only I can share, hope it can help to you.


wennie d pooh - April 3

Thanks so much Richie for the's so wonderful of you to share some insights with all of us.


ivy.turner - April 3

sometimes having twins is hereditary and it's true.


cheryl - April 4

According to an article which I have read in a magazine..only the identical twins are hereditary, and it's definitely run in the family but those other kind of twins like fraternal or nonidentical twins are definitely not hereditary in nature.


TickleMe - April 4

Thanks for all those who shared their thoughts re this. I would love to know the same thing and based on the answers, majority of them are due to hereditary factors. I guess I can't have baby twins then. :D


ashley - April 4

Correct! it is a case of hereditary , the twins are build up, through the genes of both the parents. If they have twins then the outcome may also have twins in the next years.


cheryl - April 5

I don't want to have twins,and it's not in our means, I'm lucky!


bubbles - April 7

Yes, definitely if it's not in your blood, then you can't have twins! But twins is so precious to have. I remember when I was young, I do really want to have twins..just thinking, I have the same face makes my life more exciting!I guess.


perlyn - April 8

Having children with twins takes a lot of sacrifices, and bigger budget of course that's why many parents would not want to have it, if they can choose, they prefer to have singleton baby..rather than twins.


Martyz - April 9

There was an incident that a teenager delivered a baby even if there were no sexual contact, the doctor explained that it is due to her twins was developed within her... I was scared of that news... the possibility of being pregnant even if you are a virgin.



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