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Baby Ultrasound Scan
4 Replies
Tavia - February 16

I just had my first scan. I thought I was about 15 weeks pregnant.... but according to the scan I'm only 12 weeks! is this way off? how accurate are they at dating using the scanner?
could the baby have been at an "angle" thereby the head to rump measurement could have been a bit shorter than it actually is? and if measurement is correct, should I be worried that the baby is small for the dates?
which dates should I believe? so confused!
Should mention that my periods have been fairly irregular, although the last 4 or 5 ones I had were bang on 30 days apart. I'm probably fretting over nothing am I?


Holly - February 16

Yes you are I wouldn't worry to much about it. My dates were about a week or two different from what the hospital gave me and my daughter was perfect in every way thank God so I think your worrying about nothing so just enjoy the pregnancy it's okay to worry but if you think at any stage there is something wrong go straight to your doctor. Good Luck


January - February 16

I was told the same. Considering our first (and perhaps only scan) was at 11 weeks, I didn't like this idea. We ended up opting to have a 3D scan (privately) just simply because the hospital scan had been so rushed and was all a bit of a blur really. I am a public patient and I know friends of mine who went semi-private had more than one scan as a matter of course - I wonder is it a public/private thing.


Summer - February 16

More than 1-2 scans during pregnancy is unnecessary. Little research has been done into the effect of ultrasounds during pregnancy. You would only have more scans if it was suspected something was wrong. There are only certain points in a (normal)pregnancy when there is any point in doing a scan. You do not achieve anything from more scans, as long as the fetal heart is measured, and later on the baby is moving well why would you want another scan?

As for 3D scans, no research has been done into the effect of them (particularly given the increased length of time taken). They may look interesting but don't tell you any more than a regular scan.


Belladonna - February 16

I was having some pain on my left side so my ob/gyn recommended an early scan. I went in this morning thinking I was 6 weeks 2 days pregnant but the scan said I am 5 weeks 4 days. It was too early to see the heartbeat so they want me to come back next week. Is this normal? Could my baby have stopped growing?



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