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BBT Chart
10 Replies
joanne - February 3

How helpful really is Basal Body Temperature to determine that you are indeed be pregnant?


queen31 - February 23

bbt charting is a popular way to detect and track ovulation. You may use a BBT chart to help determine when you are ovulating, so you can time sex for pregnancy.


Glyna - February 23

bbt tracks the changes in your cervical mucus. Some studies actually show that tracking cervical mucus is a far more reliable way to time sex for pregnancy than BBT charting alone.


mary ann - February 23

Your BBT chart is useful in helping you estimate your next fertile period so that you can time your intercourse accordingly for conception.


kelly thomas - March 1

If a couple is having a hard time in getting pregnant, BBT chart could really help a charting your most fertile days, you will be able to know when would be the best time to have intercourse..and for sure you will really get pregnant.


Lydia - March 13

This is very helpful for those who would like to have a baby and this is also helpful if you don't like to get pregnant. This is a kind of using a thermometer, that in every morning you've got to know how is your temperature, if you are hot then you are ovulating, it is time to have sex with your HUSBAND. but if your temperature is low then you are not ovulating. If you have sex at this moment you can not be able to have pregnancy.


melody - March 14

Women uses bbt chart ( basal body temperature )to predict ovulation. It's good to take the temperature early in the morning, before getting out of bed, before eating, drinking and before a woman go to the bathroom, just to make sure you will get the best and accurate basal body temperature.


sharmine - March 15

BBT chart is really very effective! I have tried it myself that's why I know it's effectiveness. Try it yourself too and you sure will get pregnant.


denise - March 17

BBT charting is really an effective tool in helping couples to get pregnant fast..but of course you need to know more of this procedure, know the proper charting so it's easy for you to determine the day that you are most fertile. Have the charting at least 3 months.


jinky - March 23

I don't think BBT is a very effective method to use to get pregnant fast. Because for me and my husband, we have already given up with this kind of method because we did not get the result we're expected to have.


heatherlyn - March 31

BBT is very effective for some and BBT is also not effective for some, well, that means what might be good to others does not mean good for you each has it own.LOL!



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