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Being Overweight
10 Replies
Ursula - January 29

Is being very overweight not good during pregnancy? Why?


kelly thomas - January 31

Definitely not good! That's why you need to monitor you food intake so that you will avoid being over weight. Overweight are prone to many complications during pregnancy that's why.


pretty mhama - January 31

During pregnancy a woman tend to eat more and exercise less. Sometimes, it is the wrong choice of food that can worsen the situation of being so overweight. But a pregnant woman must not forget that obesity could really give a harmful effect not only to expectant mothers but also to the new life inside her.


dominique - February 5

I think it's not only being overweight that's not good during pregnancy but also being so underweight because your body also needs a lot of nutrients and energy to sustain the changes of your body. That's why just try to have the desired weight as possible.


Che-che - February 5

Yes, I agree. Obesity can risk the life of the mother as well as the fetus, who is inside the womb of a mother.The blood pressure of the mother may collapsed, then what might happened to the mother and the fetus inside the womb?


KeyKaye - February 6

Overweight is the risk case in the part of the pregnant woman. But one thing for sure, you must be clever enough in seeking guidance from the expert.


devine grace - February 9

Being so overweight is really not good during pregnancy because studies have found out that obesity just put the mother and her baby into high risk of having many health complications.


mocca baby - February 9

When a pregnant mother is so obese, one of the many complications is to have a weak kidneys or the liver can negatively impact the health of the fetus, since all fluids between mother and baby are shared directly.


shontelle - April 14

Unfortunately, there are many health risks that an overweight pregnant woman and her baby are highly susceptible too. Given below are some of the common conditions that could affect obese pregnant or even overweight pregnant women:

• High blood pressure or gestational hypertension
• Eclampsia and Preeclampsia
• Gestational diabetes
• Premature delivery


Yummy - April 14

I agree with what shontelle enumerated. Just like me, i used to be overweight, and it's not really good to be overweight especially when i got pregnant, because of my high blood pressure, it resulted to pre-eclampsia and put me to a very risky situation.


yonnie - April 14

For me, it's really not good because being overweight are in high risks of getting lots of health complications during pregnancy.



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