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Best Pregnancy Snacks
15 Replies
Uzzil - March 29

Hi, there! I want some help regarding what's best snacks I could have during pregnancy? You see, my snacks was kind of limited with soda cracker, biscuits and bread..I want the other kinds also but I'm afraid it's a junk food. Please how can we know that it's inot junk foods?


via lopez - March 29

Well, I could suggest you have fruits for snacks. Grab an apple, a banana, pear,orange or other favorite fruit you want. It's good and it's very nutritious and healthy for you and your baby.


violet - March 29

Why not try to have yourself whole grain cereal instant oatmeal for snacks, It is fortified with essential vitamins and minerals, including folic acids.


gecil - March 29

try boiled egg or boiled banana...i'm pretty sure this is not junkfoods.


mYra - March 29

sweet potato fries is a healthy and delicious's yummy and of high nutritional value.


Nancy - March 29

A handful of almonds is a great pregnancy snack. It is simple, quick, and provides good amounts of protein and essential fatty acids.


Wellea - March 29

If you can control not having snacks, then do it. Don't take snacks, just eat full during breakfast, lunch and dinner. Eat plenty of fruits after meals.


jinky - March 30

I think it's not good to control the cravings during pregnancy..if the pregnant woman wants to have snacks then, she need to have it because if a pregnant woman control her cravings, it's possible that she can get miscarriage.


Ellah - March 30

How do we know that it is a junk food? We know this because it doesn't have nutrients it is just a plain food and nothing more, the best is take fruits and vegetables.


geraldine - April 1

The best pregnancy snacks that I could suggest you to have is vegetables and fruits can have it homemade and it's very much nutritious, good for both you and your baby.


daizy - April 1

Take everyday fruits and vegetables. Don't eat any foods which full of conservatives.


ysah - April 2

Yeah, vegetables and fruits salad are good snacks during pregnancy..but make sure to avoid having tuna salad..I heard that it is not good for pregnant because of the high mercury level of it.


Joewek - April 3

It is good that you have an apple in your snacks time, this is good for the baby and also try the water of coconut fruit.


joanne - April 4

As pregnant woman it's always best to go to a certain nutritionist and asks for proper foods and snacks to take during pregnancy. A pregnant woman can never be wrong with all the foods and snacks she will going to have and it's also sure that it's all very nutritious and good for both the mother and her baby.


Thethet - April 4

I agree with daizy. Nothing beats than having fresh and vitamin-full vegetables. They're really good for your health and for your baby's! :)


Beverly - April 9

I conform with fruits and vegetables are more advisable to take, because it is nutritious to the body...its nutrients can make the baby strong and healthy inside the womb and it makes also the mother to become strong and healthy too. There's no hassle during pregnancy.



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