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Best sexual position
10 Replies
Thes - February 12

Hi there, is there definitely a best sexual position to get pregnant faster and easier?
Please advise, thanks.


Elaine - February 12

Thes, there is no best sexual position for me. I actually got two children now and tried almost all position. It all works.


Karen C. - February 12

A lot of my friends uses the missionary. They said it is effective to them. And lots of articles advice missionary too.


Gina Jane - February 12

Yes, missionary sex position is the best because this position allows for deep penetration. It brings the sperm close to the cervix, and it has the added advantage of the woman already lying down, so the ejaculate will stay inside your body longer. Just make sure that when you are finished, prop up your hips with a pillow, hug your knees close to your chest, and stay lying on your back for at least 15 minutes.


monique - February 12

The best sexual position I guess, that could make a woman get pregnant fast is the missionary position..because it's this position where in you and your partner are both relax and would really get to the climax with so much satisfaction.


Sharona - February 12

It is known that the missionary is an effective position for a woman to get pregnant but if in case you find it a routine, you can always try the other positions though. Some other relaxing position, that what matters, and should be man on top and not woman on top.


Redda - February 12

For me, the rear-entry position is the best. This position allows for deep penetration, which is good for getting the sperm close to the cervix. Many experts call it the best position especially if a woman has a tipped uterus. When you are finished, simply roll over so that you can lie on your back with your hips elevated and relax for a while.


Charlene - February 12

There is no definite evidence that any one of the mentioned positions above is the solution, but then nothing is wrong or harm in trying. As long as that position helps the sperm get to where they need to go. That is all right.


Ehra - February 12

Basically, by getting the sperm out of the man’s body every day, damaged sperm are removed and the new healthy sperm are ejaculated before they can sit too long and become damaged. That is the more frequent the bigger the chance of conceiving.


joanne - February 15

I think I have to experiment also. Best sexual position are those which you love most and upon doing it, you both are enjoying.


vanessa - April 14

Creativity should be your keyword during pregnancy. Or more bluntly put, whatever works! There are many sex positions that are more comfortable as you expand. These include:

* Woman on top
* Spooning (Man behind woman, rear entry)
* Hands and Knees
* Side lying, knee pulled up



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