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best time to have sex
11 Replies
devine_grace - January 30

I just want to ask what's the best time to have make sure you really get pregnant? Is it early in the morning or late at night? Please I need some answers! ASAP!


kelly thomas - January 30

Well, you can have sex at anytime and any moment of the the day. But when it comes to really have it because you want to have a child, the best time is when you and your partner are in the right timing..and that is when both of you are fertile!!


Nitze - January 30

It is a time when you can get satisfaction. No worries,no anxieties, and many more.Remember to do it during fertility period so to conceive purposes.


Kisha123 - January 31

Ms. devine_grace, it's not during morning or night, the best time you need to have sex is before you ovulate, with the two to three days prior to ovulation being your most fertile days..


Kisha123 - January 31

Research says that the best day for SEXUAL INTERCOURSE if you want TO GET PREGNANT is the day you notice the most FERTILE CERVICAL MUCUS---it is a cervical discharge that resembles raw egg-white and typically appears on the days prior before ovulation..I HAVE JUST READ THIS INFORMATION and just like to share it with you.


CasandraVee - February 1

The couple are the one who can make their own "best of time", as long as they have authorization to do it.


Migueline - February 5

Sex if it is not abused by the user, it can compare as an invisible string that bind the couple in their journey towards the marriage life. It must be done with care both the couple.


january_lyn - February 6

Best time to have sex is when you are at your best..and you both feel of doing it.


Aireen657 - February 6

The best time of doing sex, is the time when the two have the desire for each other. And to be sure that you became pregnant is during an ovulation period. Go for the climax when both of you can be satisfied.


Chelsea - April 13

I guess anytime as long as you're fertile. But i prefer at night cause it sound more exciting.. :)


sam - April 13

When your cervical mucous starts to look like egg white and becomes really slippery, this is the best time to get pregnant. The slippery consistency helps to carry the sperm up the vaginal canal. Some doctors recommend taking Robitussin to help thin out your mucous which will help to transport the semen.


Margie - April 13

For me it is best to do it early in the morning. When you are this refreshed and energized.



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