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Birth control pill nightmare!
12 Replies
Sybil - February 17

I am using contraceptive pills for over one year, at first I used Logynon and now, for over 3 months I am on Cilest. I always suffered from premenstrual syndrome and I thought and hoped pills will make me feel better, but they make me feel worse, not from the point of view of my premenstrual syndrome, because I could use a good cry once a month, but my everyday life is deeply affected by this pills, I feel sick all the time, I feel week, tired, I have head aches, when I try to wake up it is very hard, I am no longer the active person I use to be and I’m struggling in this situation.
But not taken a birth control pill is out of the question.


Ruby - February 17

You may need to try a stronger pill. I was on Microlite for a over a year and experienced breakthrough bleeding for several months. I have since moved to Ovranette (on it about 2 years)and haven't had any problems since.


Bluebell - February 17

Hi, I have just started taking Mercilon this month. I am now on day 7 of my period and am still using tampons. Is this normal? I tried Microlite a few years ago and I gave up after bleeding for the entire month and got very depressed. Other than that I've no major side effects so far, a little bit down sometimes but nothing major.


Avalon - February 17

Hi, it sounds like you have gotten slight depression because of the type of pill your on, which can be a reaction, Yasmin a mini pill which is just as effective, but must be taken within 3 hours of the usual time you usually take it, it has little or no side effects, I have tried a lot of pills and injections and still always go back to Yasmin.


Marie-Soleil - February 17

Try Yasmin. having been on the pill for 8 years and tried various types, I found this one the best, its a bit more expensive than othersm but it was the best I was ever on. No side effects! headaches stopped, patches of dry skin went away, no weight gain or loss. Overall, the best birth control pill.


devine grace - February 18

I think they're right! Why not switching to other pills that would not give you that kind of side effects. There are more contraceptive pills that's better than what you're taking at present.


sidne55 - February 19

I've been using birth control pill for five years now but I recently feel that my head is in so much pain.when I consulted it to my gynecologist, she told me to dicontinue using the pill.


mocca baby - February 21

Try to use Althea, i have been using it for years already and I found it as a very effective birth control pill.


Urnopez - February 23

When I use a birth control pills I had not experienced of what you've experienced now. It regularized my monthly period.


sharen - February 27

as i have known contraceptive pills will help you regulate your monthly period and thus it also helps fight the over reproduction of acne. i also taking up contraceptive pills and i don't have any side effects aside from the fact that i always have this appetite to eat a lot and i gained weight dramatically.


RUBY - April 9

Your problem seems getting worst. I worry about your condition and I'd suggest you consult your doctor before it leads to complications to your body.


Monick - April 9

as I analyzed your experience which you have shared on this forum, I can imagined that you took the pill without consulting a doctor, I still believe the prescribed medicine of the have to consult first the doctor before taking the pills.


January - April 10

Kindly scrutinize the fact that a contraceptive pills are just a blocker of conception. And it is against the will of God. Whatever happen using this kind of artificial contraceptive may not ends well. Stop using contraceptive pills. Consult first the physician.



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