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bleeding in early pregnancy
12 Replies
sammy - March 17

Hi,I am terrified, I was pregnant in 2009 and I had to terminate the pregnancy at 6months and in 2010 I had a miscarriage at 7 wks,I am now 6 wks pregnant and started is only when I wipe myself.should I be worried? I am so scarred


brenda - March 17

you should be worried.this is a serious should tell your doctor about this.there's something wrong with your condition.


clara - March 17

that's one of the cases you should have to take more of your attention too. the best thing to do before worst comes worst is to consult your doctor to better yet prevent any future mishaps.


Corazon - March 18

Rest assured that bleeding in the early days is common and unlikely to harm your baby.


Leena - March 18

A lot of reasons could be the cause of your bleeding. You may be experiencing breakthrough bleeding. This happens when pregnancy hormones cover up your usual menstrual cycle, but that cycle continues for a while. So, around the time you would have had a period if you weren't pregnant, you may get a little bleeding. You may have this bleeding more than once.


Jessa - March 18

Bleeding in early pregnancy is always worrying, but it's also surprisingly common.


Lizzie - March 18

In the very early stages of pregnancy, there can be a day or two of light bleeding as the fertilized egg implants, and the placenta starts to develop. So nothing much to worry about.


sammy - March 18

Thank you all for your response,it makes me feel a lot better.I am just praying that everything will work out this time.


Sheila - March 18

In some instances women will experience a cervical erosion which can cause bleeding in early pregnancy. Bleeding can also be associated with a vaginal or cervical infection or a benign growth. These three conditions could all result in some bleeding after intercourse.


Lizzie - March 18

You will be alright Sam. Just always extra care cause you are still in the delicate stage of your pregnancy.


Katie - March 18

It is just not possible to pin down why minor bleeding happens. If the bleeding is light and settles down, there is a good chance that all is well and your baby is fine.


Georgina - March 18

Best to see a doctor and undergo some tests to ensure that all is well.


sammy - March 18

Liz,thank you so much! I am just a bit paranoid,I suppose after what happened...I can be! I wish I could stay at home,leave work



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