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Breakfast is Better
8 Replies
Jhieme - January 29

I am a woman who does not like to eat breakfast. Now that I am pregnant , I was advise by my best friend to eat breakfast because it is the most important meal of the day and my baby needs it too.
It is hard for me but I have to do it.


Ursula - January 30

I agree with your friend's advice. Many people are not so into eating breakfast..but in your case even if you're also not use to it, I think for the baby inside your womb you need to sacrifice. Anyway, it's really not that hard.You should be more concerned about your baby and not of what you want and don't want.


Hapie98 - February 1

Eat breakfast everyday. The breakfast is the most important time of eating food in our lifestyle.


fatty_me - February 2

Jhieme, aside from the fact that breakfast is the important meal of the day,you should remember that somebody needs food and the nutrients that came from the food that you take, so, you have to consider that.Think of the baby inside your womb.yOu should eat every meal especially breakfst even if its hard for you.


lovely mae - February 2

It's always good for pregnant mothers not to skip meals. Breakfast or any other meal of the day is very important for her and for her baby.


fatty_me - February 2

Imagine the long hours of not giving food to your stomach, from dinner to breakfast.You are depriving your baby the nutrients that he needs.Don't think of yourself but the life inside your womb.You should eat and eat but eat only nutritious foods that can benefit your health and the baby.


Dhemie - February 3

It is very important to eat breakfast. Our body needs for it. This breakfast must be nutritious. It makes our body keep alert always.


Yvonne - April 13

Take your bestfriends' advice. Don't skip meals Jhieme, if you don't want your baby to be unhealthy.


nataSHA - April 13

You should eat 3 times a day...BREAKFAST, LUNCH and DINNER...Whether you like it or not, just do it for the sake of the baby. For me, breakfast is the best time to eat because our stomach is empty for long hours since the last meal which was dinner and we feel very hungry on the following morning which is the BREAKFAST time.



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