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Caffeine may pose miscarriage risk
12 Replies
Cimarron - February 17

I think I may agree with the effects of caffeine on pregnant women. I had a miscarriage ten days ago and would have considered myself a heavy tea drinker at least six cups a day - apart from that I cannot think of another thing I did to cause the mis - even though I was told it was just one of those things.


Aisha - February 17

Hello, caffeine may be the cause of miscarriage, but does any one keep track on their daily caffeine intake? are pregnant women aware on how much caffeine there is in each product? I'm just saying.


Dalena - February 17

Caffeine can seriously affect you and your baby, and think it's important to keep track of how much caffeine you are taking. I've also asked my doctor about this. Coffee and Tea are definitely not advisable for pregnant women.


Lisette - February 17

I spent six years trying to get pregnant without success, during which time I had at least a couple of early pregnancy miscarriages. I was a heavy coffee drinker, so I quit. I was pregnant within two months, and a year later I am pregnant again. I think Caffeine really had something to do with it.


Saffron - February 17

May agree with findings about Caffeine as had miscarriage very recently. I have no children, I'm heavy tea drinker 4-6 mugs a day varies. A non smoker and I don't drink alcohol.


monique - February 18

Yes, I definitely agree with you. Caffeine can be the reason for a pregnant women to have miscarriage. So, it's really good for you to stop from drinking it and try to switch to healthy drinks like fresh juices.


lianne - February 19

I think so! if the resistance is weak then and then, the little chances of a way to a successful mother.


Kharen23 - February 19

yes, it may cause miscarriage, but not only miscarriages but if it can survive there is a chances that the baby would become mentally retarded.


Lucy Rae - April 10

I think its true. 'Coz my sister is a coffee-addict and she stopped drinking it when her doctor advices her stop it. After that her husband has been giving her warnings not to and good thing she controls herself. Now were so happy to have a healthy baby girl. :)


Glyrish - April 10

Yes, it is true. I conform with this, caffeine can damage the nerves as well as to some parts of our body. Pregnant woman have been given warning of this fact. If she won't listen, then consequences comes in.


rhea mae - April 10

Yeah! It's indeed true. Caffeine can really cause miscarriage and many could attest to that.


Melie - April 11

It is proven already that caffeine has gradually do some bad effects to our body, then why is it, there are still individuals who are indulge to this thing.This thing may cause miscarriage, so why take the risk?


bella - April 13

Caffeine crosses the placenta to your baby. Although you may be able to handle the amounts of caffeine you feed your body, your baby cannot. Your baby's metabolism is still maturing and cannot fully metabolize the caffeine. Any amount of caffeine can also cause changes in your baby's sleep pattern or normal movement pattern in the later stages of pregnancy. Remember, caffeine is a stimulant and can keep both you and your baby awake.



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