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Causes of Premature Babies
15 Replies
Rizale - April 3

What do you think why there are premature babies? What are the causes of it? Please do share. I am a neophyte of this kind of situation ....of my pregnancy. I don't like to have one.


Othel - April 3

I have known that if the pregnant woman want to eat a kind of fruit which is not in season, should be found so that baby would not become premature.


Jovelyn - April 3

satay away of chemical exposure and also the drinking of alcohol, these could trigger to have a premature babies.


Leaane - April 3

It is a kind of lack of months during delivery. One cause of it, is the unmindful pregnant woman about prenatal activities that should be known before the time of delivery of the baby.


vivian - April 3

there are several causes of preterm birth and one of which is bleeding that includes placental abruption where the placenta tears away from the uterine wall early as the maturity date of giving birth.


Ginger - April 4

I've read somewhere, they said it is because of the lack of exercise and proper diet. Is it? Please help I would love to know about this too.

Thanks in advance.


yoj - April 5

i delivered a premature baby because i was hypertensive.Because of my uncontrolled hypertension i was advised to deliver the baby as early as 7months.My advice for you is to practice a healthy lifestyle.


margarette - April 5

Well, based on my observation, having premature baby can happen if a pregnant women experience lots of complications during her pregnancy. Some complications can be avoided but their are also some just happens because a pregnant woman already has the disease before pregnancy.


ginalyn - April 9

There are premature babies because of cases like there are problems with the baby or the mother or sometimes to both of them. Some of the causes like if the mother has preexisting condition, infection, and incompetent cervix.


gardenia - April 10

there are premature babies because there are many factors that can trigger of it that's why pregnant woman must be aware of it. the causes and the pros and cons of it. To acquire exactly of this information then I may advice you to see an obstetrician so that you may have knowledge about it.


lyds55 - April 10

It is very important to ask the expert because this is a case to case basis. But usually, it's the mother who has a problem especially if she has diseases like untreated UTI, hypertension, diabetes, and other diseases that can cause why there are premature babies.


shyne - April 10

Well, i have known that premature babies is caused by some health complications experienced by pregnant mothers during pregnancy.


Anabel - April 10

To all the pregnant woman, the causes of premature babies is within you. Why? It is because you, yourself knows what is really inside of your heart, your feeling, the pain if you have inside then you just taken these all for granted, you should be blame of having a premature babies.


pauleen - April 11

There are many reasons why there are premature babies..I can say that sometimes it's the carelessness of a mother and the sense of irresponsibility that let it happen. Like for example, there are pregnant women out there who can't stop their vices like smoking and drinking without thinking that these vices can greatly affect the fetus inside their womb and in fact smoking and drinking are some of the causes of premature babies.


Leah - April 12

Malformation of the uterus, opening of the uterus or any problem regarding your uterus can also cause premature birth. So, be sure to have prenatal so that you will know your condition and your baby.


diane - April 13

Following is a list of causes or underlying conditions (see also Misdiagnosis of underlying causes of Premature Birth) that could possibly cause Premature Birth includes:

* Preeclampsia
* Antepartum hemorrhage
* Uterine abnormalities
* Hydramnios - excess of amniotic fluid around the fetus.



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