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Changes During Pregnancy
10 Replies
Danielle - January 30

Before I was anemic. But when I get pregnant I always experience headache. At first I was thinking that it was just a simple headache, it was due to pregnancy but as the days go on, I've experience numbness in my feet. So, I consult a doctor and... I have a hypertention... Changes in pregnancy... must be studied and guided.


Yvonne - January 31

Yes, it's true and during the days of pregnancy your blood pressure should always be monitored that's why you really need to have a monthly consultation with your Doctor. Prenatal is very important to know your healthy as well as your baby.


blossom - January 31

It's good to know what's your health condition during pregnancy because you can never tell what would be the effects of the different changes that brought about by pregnancy to your body.


jobelyn - February 1

It's important also that a pregnant mother knows how to take care of herself and be able to have the proper supplements and vitamins for herself and for her baby.


momKC - February 23

i can relate to your experience.before when i was still single my blood pressure was just normal but when i got pregnant with my eldest, i found out that i was already hypertensive, that lead me to must really monitor your blood pressure always coz it's really of high risk.


gladys - February 23

been experiencing some changes also when i was pregnant a year ago and worst is that i have been very much layback since i am having a swollen feet and it really hurts every time i step on the ground. during nighttime i am also suffering of some sort of contraction in my tummy and this happened from month 1 till 7 months of pregnancy.


maezerh - February 24

there are some changes during pregnancy period like the mood of the woman. at the times the woman is pregnant her mood is easily change, it is because of the hormonal imbalance.


stella - February 24

Correct! Changes in pregnancy must not be taken for granted. You should always monitor the changes that you experience and try to identify it to what is normal and what's not normal.


joanne - February 25

Having mood swings are one of the changes during pregnancy, or the pregnant woman are just taking advantage with the situation? What's your view on this?


stella - February 28

I think it depends on a certain situation,if there's really a reason that explains her mood or temper, then I think it's not taking advantage of a situation because she has her reason why she acted that way. But if it's really unexplainable, then we can say she is also being unreasonable or just taking advantage of her situation being pregnant.


maryIvy - February 28

Before I was pregnant I love to eat dried fish and I get full after eating, but now I don't know I don't like the smell of dried fish I even vomit if I force myself to eat it. These are the changes which I can't recall when was it started.



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