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Changes In Pregnancy That's Not Normal
11 Replies
Johanna - February 15

Every pregnant woman go a lot of changes in the body. These pregnancy changes are mostly normal, right? But what do you think are the pregnancy signs that's considered not normal and should not be ignore.


mocca baby - February 18

Well, one of the signs that's considered not normal anymore is when you experience frequent painful urination. This is quite alarming because this may be the sign also that you have urinary tract infection. That if this will not be given proper medication, might lead to miscarriage.


sheann - February 19

Can you imagine if the woman can experience too much tired and a painful breast. these are one of the signs which considered not normal


fritzie - February 21

Abnormal bleeding in pregnancy may indicate placenta problems or premature labor. If bleeding is more than spotting, increasing in amount or duration, you should consult your doctor.


jinky - February 21

For me,I think those unusual cravings that a pregnant woman experience during pregnancy, like eating toothpaste, charcoal fresh leaves of any plant etc.are considered not normal at all..when my pregnant friend shares this kind of thing to me, I really can't help laughing and said, "Is this some kind of a joke?"


heatherlyn - February 25

I think cravings are just normal during pregnancy..many pregnant women crave a lot of food to eat during pregnancy because it's what their body and the baby wants.


Giggle - March 4

jinky: that's a bit funny but I totally agree. i have a pregnant friend who craves for a toothpaste and I was really shocked; can't imagine eating toothpaste??? :)


ysah - March 12

I think that's what you call taboo food? Am I right? Eating unusual things/foods is called taboo foods and that's really not normal thing to do during pregnancy. But correct me if I'm wrong..cause I'm not so sure also with it.


Purple - March 13

Well, for me, I think if a pregnant mother can no longer sleep well during her pregnancy is really not a good signs or changes anymore. She should better refer this things up to her doctor and be able to ask for a certain remedy for her to have again a good night sleep.


Vicvec - March 13

the changes of the action. i have known a woman who at her time of pregnancy she became a mental incapacity. She has already five pregnancies and this is what i observe from her but when she already delivers her baby she is back to normal standing of thinking.


monique - March 14

Well, frequently urinating is really normal during pregnancy. But what's not normal if you feel pain during indicates a serious illness like UTI.


Sharmine - March 18

Soreness of breast is very much normal during pregnancy. But if you think the soreness becomes so painful already, I think you better consult your doctor or have a breast examination just to make sure you don't have breast cancer.



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