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Changes of the body
7 Replies
helen of troy - January 28

Good day everyone!

I'd like to know what are the changes of the body that a woman can experience during her months of pregnancy?

Thanks for your time in answering! Take care and God bless us all!


ReyBecka - January 30

There are many changes that may experience during pregnancy. All you have to do is to have a nice lifestyle. Physical appearance is the main topic.


pretty mhama - January 31

There are so many changes of the body that will occur during pregnancy. Enlargement of breast, there's this presence of nausea, which really make the body uncomfortable during pregnancy, and changes of the sexual hormonal of the body.


Lizee008 - February 1

Through vitamin intake, our body may become strong and healthy. It is a fact of pregnancy to have a physical changes.It is an expected event that may occur in pregnancy.


Desiree502 - February 2

Changes of the body of the pregnant woman, have different views. Some may encounter this kind of changes but others have not.


claire - April 13

The first trimester (Week 1 - Week 12)

- Cessation of menstrual period

- Morning sickness that occurs at any time, day or night, or all day and night. This includes nausea and/or vomiting

- Excessive saliva

- Swollen and tender breasts

- Darkening of the areola

- Frequent urination

- Fatigue

- Constipation

- Heartburn

- Mood swings -- feel angry, sad, or happy for no reason

- Stuffy nose and allergies¡Xeven if you have never suffered from them before


rocky222 - April 13

when i was pregnant there are many changes of the body that i have experienced. i cannot forget the largeness of my nose, darkness of my neck, changes in my figure, and i also notice that my legs are swelling. These are the most common that i've noticed.


chenny - April 14

The most noticeable changes of the body during pregnancy is expanding of the waistline.



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