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Comfort Needs
8 Replies
Nelie - January 29

I am confuse about not wearing a panty may cause the baby's head having big and elongated size. I'm comfortable not wearing an underwear.


earth**210 - January 30

Feeling comfortable not wearing panties..huh! LOL! Anyways, where did you get that idea of not wearing an underwear can make the baby's head big and elongated? Sounds so funny,..i think your really wrong in there my friend.hehe!


Heallie - January 30

There has no exact evidence about this matter. But I think it is just an invented story.


jahra0577 - February 10

hahaha.sounds funny, there's no connection. But it's true that not wearing underwear is really comfortable.even myself, i really like not wearing undies but gosh it's not true that it can cause the baby's head to get big and elongated...


keanna - February 10

Are you serious Nelie or you're just kidding?where did you get that information?First time to hear that story.Sounds hilarious!!!


tealee - February 10

me, too! I don't like to wear an underwear. I am uneasy to do my work if I wear an underwear.But to the knowledge that make an elongated head of the baby, it is another story. I have no idea why it would be that way. For me, it is just a tell-tale story. It can not be proven.


rhea mae - February 11

Don't believe in any of these false will just ruin your excitement of having a baby. Just chill, enjoy the moment and don't ever think of this because this is all simply nonsense!


nicole - April 14

Maternity briefs are often called grandma panties, because yes, they look like something your grandma would wear if she wore underwear. And while they are not stylish looking, many moms rave about how comfortable they are, despite the looks. They don't tend to roll or bunch in uncomfortable places, though with these watch out for high cut thighs as you can have your belly covered and your bottom hanging out.


Donna - April 14

If you're comfortable not wearing underwear, that's fine. Nobody can stop you with that coz ur comfortable doing it, but saying that it can make the baby's head elongated, it's so ridiculous!!!It's not really true.



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