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Computer Exposed
8 Replies
Kier Lyn - January 28

I am pregnant for about two months now and I am so afraid that my baby may have deformities because I am exposed in a computer works. I've heard this thing from a friend, is this true? I am worried because this is my first pregnancy.


samantha faye - January 29

Nope, it's really not true. A lot of pregnant women now a days are very much exposed with computers but there's no certain things like deformities that happened to their child.


GiLdApie - February 1

Hi!!I would say that it's only a hearsay, because when I was pregnant with my first kid, I worked as an encoder facing the computer for 16hours a day but there's no deformities.Take it from me..


Cecille V. - February 1

Guys, according to what i have Read:

It is advisable for pregnant women to avoid exposure to "radiation."

Studies have shown that even low levels of exposure to strong electro magnetic fields can cause some cell damage.

So, Just minimize exposing to computer.anyway, this is for your own good and for the baby.Prevention is, just listen to your friend to stop your worries.


AttyNenette - February 1

Our trend in the present time, is a computer works. Only a few of group of people don't know how to operate this thing. An individual may take pains of knowing how to manipulate a computer. Then here comes a pregnant workers...they give birth a strong and healthy babies.


clear_danes - February 2

I haven't heard anything about deformities...You can confidently use computer during pregnancy but avoid laptop because of heat.


Lieline609 - February 3

Computer exposed meaning to say, every seconds, every minute and every hour is facing the computer, am I right? If it is the event, how about wearing protection for the radiation coming from the computer.


kim - April 14

bibo said No! ...

I asked my doctor during my last pregnancy baout this very same issue, she laughed and assured me that there is nothing to worry about.

On the other hand, she told me to stay far from microwave ovens while operating and to try to keep the mobile phone as far as possible from my body.


Femmy - April 14

Computer has radiation, and we know that radiation is harmful to our body. Just avoid too much exposure and ask your doctor some preventive measures to erase all your worries about deformities.



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