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Confused with Pregnancy Results
11 Replies
Tawny - February 15

Hello, I am new to this and looking for a bit of reassurance.

I have taken 8 preg tests various kinds since Feb 6 - approx two each day just to make sure I am not imagining things. Every test has been positive.

I handed in my urine sample to the doctor ( it wasn't a morning sample and looked very clear) I got the results on Friday - Inconclusive.

I am now waiting on blood results.

Doctor seems to think I am pregnant.
My period is late. I have tender breasts,constipation etc. I have also had a little of bit spotting when I wipe a couple of times as well. Its not red more of a very pale pink color - doc also not worried about this.

This will be my first pregnancy and I am very scared/confused. I really just some reassurance that I am pregnant and everything will be okay. This might sound daft as i know 8 tests surely cant be wrong ?


Danika - February 15

You sound pregnant to me. The home tests are just as good as what the doc uses. It sounds like the sample you gave to the doc just wasn't very concentrated. I have never heard of a GP doing another urine test if home test(s) are positive.

I'd say congratulations are in order, smile and don't be scared.


Hermione - February 15

How odd. What the hell is 'inconclusive'?

I think your pg tests are pretty clear, but all you can do is wait.

Assuming the blood test will say 'pregnant', make sure they intend to repeat the blood tests a few days apart to check that hcg levels are rising as they should.

Try not to think about all the possible nasties - easier said than done I know.

I'm in a fairly similar situation but mine doesn't sound anywhere near as promising as yours. Good luck!


Hoshi - February 15

Congratulations. It is probably impossible that 8 tests are wrong and in most areas the doctors don't even do a urine test because try rely on the tests you do at home. I only had "proof" of pregnancy when I had my scan at 12 weeks.


Tarina - February 15

You can't get a false positive, so therefore you are pregnant.
The doctors use similar tests to the HPTs
It might be inconclusive as it was too dilute and not first morning pee.
Believe the 8 tests and the fact you've missed a period.


haley - March 22

how about second opinion? try to go to another doctor or ob-gyne and ask for some second or third opinion to be sure enough with your situation.


trixy - March 23

If you are really confused with your pregnancy results, then have proper consultation with other doctors to know if you really is pregnant or not. But if you ask me, I think you are indeed pregnant.


sheila - March 26

yes, proper consultation and check-up is really the best one to know if you are really indeed pregnant and if the pregnancy test you've done yourself is indeed true enough.


Maricar - April 3

You have 8x in doing your pregnancy test so it is more than true, then why are you confused. Are you doubting because of your doctor's reaction? Ignore it. Try to consult another doctor.


Sarah - April 4

Well, i guess, you need not to feel confused because it shows a lot of sign that you are indeed believe in your instinct..and believe in your doctor. They know when to say positive and when to say negative.


Tara - April 4

I agree with haley. Try to check with other doctors as well just to really be sure. :)

But whatever is the result, just keep a positive personality. Never frown if it's really not true, enjoy life. There are lots of chances! :)


Diseree - April 4

Yap! that's it have a positive outlook in your life. maintain your beauty through a heart full of love and hope. Stay away from every negative which would like to reign in your heart.



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