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Depression during pregnancy
10 Replies
Jolie - February 15

I have just found out I'm pregnant and am in total shock. Even though I'm happily married and have a good home etc. my husband and I are just not ready to have a baby right now. I am totally depressed and see the whole thing as a major set back. I have just handed my notice in to work to embark on a future teaching career which will entail total commitment and study etc. so this pregnancy could not come at a worse time. I feel totally guilty for feeling depressed about something that should be a joyful occasion. My husband is also less than delighted about it and feels that our lives will be very restricted. We do want a baby someday but really now is the worst timing ever. I went off contraception on the advice of a friend who said that it could take up to a year or more to get pregnant, I am only off it about 3 months ! I really don't want to sound ungrateful but I feel totally down and unexcited of the prospect of being pregnant and having a baby in my life. Please don't say I'm selfish, I already know. Any opinions?


Argenta - February 15

I'm 24 weeks I though my depression was due to not diagnosing my gestational diabetes but even though I have my sugars under control now I'm still have terrible mood swings feel lethargic and tired and have no motivation and its really affecting my relationship with my partner and my quality of life I have five exams to do soon my birthday a weekend trip to Scotland to meet my partners family at a wedding and I just want to cancel the whole lot and hide under the duvet with my partner because I'm getting really needy with him too.


Bena - February 15

hi I'm just 8 weeks pregnant and I'm finding it really tough, I feel depressed all the time, for no good reason, like I've heard described before i have a fog that numbs my feelings to everything including the pregnancy, and i find it next to impossible to be motivated to do anything. i feel like I'm losing control . I have a lovely husband, but he doesn't seem to realize how depressed I really am, or he ignores it I don't know. I've no one I can talk to about this and really need some advise on how to deal with this.


Nalani - February 15

Prenatal depression is just as common as postnatal depression. You do need a good psychiatrist who can tweak your medication and advise what is safe and what is not. Best of look to all those Mom to be.


Xylia - February 15

I have felt depressed from about 12 weeks (I am now 23 weeks) although I have only just realized that it is depression. I cant be bothered to get out of bed in the mornings especially on work days although I used to love my job. I am starting maternity leave as soon as I possibly can and am just about to go back to work after a week of sick with back pain although this was mainly due to me feeling down. I will be going back to work and will see how I get on but think I will need another sick note to take me to maternity leave as i really cant cope and cant make it through the day without sleeping for at least an hour.


Diana - February 16

Jolie, I know that when things are running not according to what we've planned is quite depressing but take it on the lighter side. There are reasons why such thing happened. You get pregnant unplanned and it is there already. So all you need to do is to accept the things as they are right now and take care of the infant inside your tummy. Of course you cannot have that aborted so you just have to accept it as it is.

It is a gift from above so stop worrying cause everything will just fall into its proper place.

Good luck and congratulations.


Lizzie - February 16

A lot of couple are trying and praying so hard to have a baby.
Therefore, consider that as a blessing and not a tragedy.


Flora - February 16

Hey lighten up. That is not the end of the world yet. You can still go on with your teaching career. You still have 8 months to study and teach.


sashy_009 - February 16

Just be happy..pregnancy and having a baby is God's gift that not all have given a chance to have and experience. Don't be depressed..don't think it the wrong way instead think of it as God's blessing and opportunity that you can treasure forever.


zenkie - February 16

you know you have to be calm and be very thankful for the gift you have now in your life. as what we have known that a baby is a precious gift from God to we must be very happy if we have it now. you are very lucky,because you have it already.


angie - August 3

Think of it as a very beautiful blessing from God. You will realize then how beautiful it is to become a mother!



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