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Early gender determination
6 Replies
Tori - February 17

I was wondering how reliable early gender determination really was. I've heard either a bunch of stories where people said it was totally wrong or a bunch where people said it was definitely correct. I got an elective scan this morning and they said it was a girl (I'm 15 weeks) and I've been told by my perinatologist already that it was "75% girl." Has anyone gotten an early scan and been told the correct gender?


Jordaine - February 17

My husband's cousin's girlfriend (Err, long one!! hehe), had a csection about a month and a half ago, and they found that she had twins, but one of them had died. Now, I don't know all the details (because I hate this chick, and honestly could care less about all her issues. Very long story as to why I can't stand her), but they claim that she never knew about her carrying twins. I thought carrying a dead fetus inside of you would cause some major issues. What do I know? I could be wrong.

But just another example of surprises at delivery time!!


Nyssa - February 17

I would be horrified that they were so wrong that whole time and second guessing the kind of care I'd been getting if I were in her shoes! My neighbor was told she was expecting one baby, a boy, at her 20 week anatomy scan. She went in for her scheduled C-section at around 38 weeks and they found out she had twins in there, a boy and a girl, when they cut her open! Meanwhile, she had multiple ultrasounds because she was a diabetic with thyroid problems. It's beyond me how so many scans could miss a twin. I mean, I know they can miss them early on, but usually by the time they get to the anatomy scan they end up finding both of them!


Milena - February 17

I've heard of that happening before, but usually they find the dead twin on ultrasound because they'll find a collapsed or empty sac in there. Usually the dead twin will be reabsorbed by your body if the other twin is still healthy and growing and the sac will also disappear over time. I wonder if the twin died toward the end of the pregnancy and that's why it was still there.


Paige - February 17

I don't believe early gender determination is reliable. Surprises happens all the time. But during the 7th month pregnancy, your doctor should be able to tell if it's a boy or girl through an ultrasound. Except if your obgyne isn't too good. Maybe that's why the surprises happen.


Ursula - February 18

Sorry,but I don't believe in early gender determination. For me, it's really not accurate. Gender can be determine during 7-9 months of pregnancy through ultra sound.


mykaLee - February 19

Count me in!for not in favor of the early gender determination. It can not still be detected. Why is it some of the parent are so excited that they want to know earlier? just wait and be thrilled.



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