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10 Replies
cheska baby - February 15

What is Edema? Is this one of the changes of pregnancy? And what can a pregnant woman do about it?


monique - February 15

Edema is a swelling due to water retention, during pregnancy. It usually occurs in the legs and ankles. You need to inform your doctor about it so that you will be given proper tips on how you can do about it.


bliss1980 - February 21

Edema was formerly known as dropsy or hydropsy--is swelling caused by fluid retention - excess fluid is trapped in the body's tissues.It commonly occurs in the hands, arms, ankles, legs and feet. It is usually linked to the venous or lymphatic systems.It can appear suddenly, but usually develops subtly - the patient may first gain weight, or wake up with puffy eyes...You have to engage in physical activity like exercising and walking..


devine grace - February 21

Edema means swelling caused by fluid in your body's tissues. it usually occurs in your feet,ankles and legs,and it can also involved your entire body. Pregnant woman should avoid salty foods and most of all junk foods. Then drink a lot of fluid as much as possible.


SarahG. - April 5

Edema is swelling on the certain part of the body or even in the entire part.Treatment of edema depends on the area being affected. But the simplest treatment that has no medication is to have a bed rest especially if the affected part is your legs..Also, you have to reduce the level of salt in the diet.


violet - April 5

Is edema happens only to pregnant women..or it can also be experience by other people?


LisaOng - April 6

This is the first time I heard about this. From the replies, I could say that I guess it is best to have proper exercise to avoid this like what bliss1980 said.


kathryn - April 6

violet, i think, it's not only pregnant woman, this can also happen to other people especially those who are fond of eating salty foods and to people who are not used to drink water.


Lara - April 10

Ms. violet, EDEMA can happen to anyone whether you're pregnant or not because edema is not a disease this is a symptom. Our neighbor who is 80 years old also experienced edema. But if you are pregnant, swelling especially on your feet is just normal. After giving birth this will also disappear.


thea - April 10

Pregnant women can experience edema due to water retention... and it's a swelling of some parts of the body.


sharon - April 14

During pregnancy, the amount of fluids (mostly blood) in a woman’s body nearly double to support the proper development of the baby and make the body more flexible expand with the baby’s growth. Pregnant women usually experience swelling in the extremities, such as the feet, legs, hands, fingers and the face.



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