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False Pregnancy Test
10 Replies
cherylyn - February 3

My friend is complaining about the pregnancy test she's been using where in it gives her a positive result. She's happy about the result because she's really is eager enough to get pregnant. Unfortunately, when she had her prenatal, the doctor found out that she's not pregnant. How come this happen? Does it mean a positive pregnancy result test can sometimes gives a false result?


Britney908 - February 3

I am thinking, that, how come an expert in studying of this pregnancy test can be mistakenly render their expertise?
It is not easy in the part of an individual who expected so much to have a baby.


heatherlyn - February 4

I think it's just happen to few people..pregnancy test are very much true and many have trusted to have this..just wonder why it happened to you that you got a very wrong result.


Almondz - February 5

How come that it happened? Supposedly this thing has a quality of its own. It is an event that may not be disregarded.


geraldine - February 6

Yeah, me too! This been my first time to know that their is a pregnancy test that gives a false result. What's this, some kind of a factory defect?LOL!


Dorkwyn - February 6

This is a rare case. It is like a lottery. I can advise her to stay calm. Who knows tomorrow she have already. Yes, ...a healthy BABY.


january_lyn - February 7

False positive pregnancy test are just rare. Though there are also some instances and conditions which they can occur.


mitch_symone - February 7

False positive pregnancy test has various reasons why it happened. The following are:
*Chemical Pregnancy
*Missed Reaction Time
*Chemical Interfere-
*Evaporation Lines


tina - April 14

A false positive pregnancy test is when the test says that you are pregnant but actually you are not. This is a one off case and a positive pregnancy test is a pretty good indication that you are pregnant. False positive pregnancy tests are rare – though there are instances and conditions where they can occur.


Megan - April 14

Do you really know how to use the pregnancy test?Me, i did it three times to really make sure that it's accurate and consistent. Maybe you're just mistaken due to excitement or maybe there's something wrong with your pregnancy test.


geraldine - April 14

Having to have false pregnancy test, I think happens to just few people and many got the correct, just chill!



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