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Gender Anxiety
13 Replies
cherry rose - March 22

I do want baby girl! This is what I said when I had my ultra sound result with my second child and found out it's still a boy. I had two boys already and I want when I will be pregnant again, this time, it will be a girl already..Please help me ..what are ways or tips I need to do and my husband to make our next baby a girl? I do love to hear tips from you guys..thanks!


divine - March 22

you shouldn't be that desperate enough to have a baby girl when you are carrying a baby boy, emotions are too strong for the baby to know if you are depressed with the result. just accept that and try this maybe it will help you the next time you want to conceive a baby girl but it isn't really a 100% sure. one way is having a perfect timing, when you are conceiving early of your fertile cycle, you will most likely to conceive a baby girl.


heatherlyn - March 23

Baby, no matter what kind of gender, is always considered as God's gift. Learned to love the baby you're having right now, because it's your baby and no matter how you love to have a baby girl, just be happy for your baby boy because it is your child, for gods sake!


samantha faye - March 24

I don't know if this is true. There is a certain chines calendar that tells you what to do in order for you to choose a gender of your baby. You can try to have it next time and find out for yourself is true.


susiet - March 24

yeah, my friend has this kind of Chinese calendar and she followed every things she learned from it to make sure she really will get the gender she wants for her baby. And it really works!


Realyn - March 25

What is given to you, even if it is a boy or a girl, you accept it because it is a gift from God.


awelia - March 25

there are ways that have been experimented to do the expectation gender of the child. But if it is not be able to become what will be followed, it might be disappointment.And the baby become unwanted.


ysah - March 25

I think we as mothers have this some kind of excitement during pregnancy about what might be the gender of our child. But no matter what happens, it might be the gender we want or not want, the baby is still ours and still needs to be accepted wholeheartedly.


violet - March 30

Just be happy of what God gives you. You definitely can't choose the gender of your's God's plan and you need to accept it because it's definitely God's blessing.


Sedern - March 30

There are parents who are anxious to have a child whose gender they would be in reality. Why are they like that, God is the one who knows everything and He must be honored of His decision of what child He would like us to give.


violet - March 31

You should be happy of what God gives you..what important is that you have your own baby. Try to look at the others who want a baby but unfortunately they destined to not having matter how they tried they could not have a baby of their own because of some infertility, whatever the gender, just learn to accept it because you are more than lucky than the others.


loveshe - April 1

I can not understand of some people who wants to know earlier the gender of the baby inside her womb. As a matter of fact it is a creation of God. and nothing can twist it. If you want to have the gender you would like to be for your baby, you must ask Him. Pray and hope.


CoolEnough - April 6

You're so lucky to have those little angles in your life. There are lots of couples out there who are trying their hardest just to have one. Be contented and thankful on what God gave you. :)


Lovella - April 6

there's nothing bad of your desire to have a baby girl. you have a baby boy already and you want to have an opposite sex, a girl. but the question is how it would be realized?



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