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Get Enough Vitamin O2
12 Replies
Liezel - April 2

Pregnant woman must have enough oxygen so she keeps her body well ventilated. In having this it must be in the correct manner of breathing. How it must done??? Do you have any idea?


Cecele - April 2

This is a fact. The human body operates on oxygen. Take this simple exercise. It will energize and refresh you....Stand or sit with your back straight. Exhale deeply through your mouth. Now, draaw the air back into your lungs through your nose. AS you do, imagine it going right down into your belly, filling it. Feel your stomach expand as you inhale. Now , Let's do it!!!


heatherlyn - April 2

So, this is a some kind of pregnancy exercise? But what happened to those pregnant mothers who don't have time to exercise? Is this very essential for pregnant mother only?


Grace - April 3

We need an oxygen every seconds, every minutes, every hour. It really needs our body. But the question is "do you have enough oxygen inside your body?"


Faith - April 3

Oxygen is very important to our body. in order to know whether you have the correct breathing, you must practice frequent deep breathing. Place one hand on your chest and the other on your stomach.Breath normally for a few moments, noting the movement of each hands as you inhale.


Martinette - April 3

Ohh!!! I have already done this at this time. Thank You so much!


rhea mae - April 4

Well, breathing for me, should be done in a slow and steady manner..for pregnant women who are having their exercises, it's should always be done with proper timing, during breathing.


Fernah - April 4

That's it. You have to do the correct breathing so that you can have the exact oxygen that is needed in your body.Don't take your breathing as just taken for granted.


jedelou - April 5

A short walk will do and just simply do the "inhale" and "exhale" breathing...this will really help a lot..simple but effective.


geraldine - April 7

Yeah, constant exercise and healthy diet could greatly help women to have a safe delivery..also by practicing the simple yet, useful tips in breathing during their delivery.


kelly thomas - April 8

I have read an article that the best way to learn breathing during pregnancy, is to have swimming exercise also. Swimming gives good health benefits in both pregnant mother and her baby.


Aidy - April 9

I agree with the swimming exercise and it is enjoyable... thanks for the information.


brenda - April 14

t has been proved that pregnancy leads to the increase of blood circulation which consequently makes women need more oxygen to fill the blood. The oxygen is delivered to the tissues with the help of hemoglobin, to produce which we need iron. The lack of iron can lead to deficient anemia and consequently to fetal hypoxia.



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