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healthy lifestyle choices for pregnancy
13 Replies
myrna flor - March 17

I'm pregnant, actually this is my first time, that's why I'm very much excited. I want to know what are the different lifestyle choices I can make to make sure I will be having a healthy pregnancy.


korina - March 17

your eating habit has a big role in making your pregnancy healthy.eating nutritious foods are a good choice especially fruits and right and live healthy for you and your baby.


femia - March 17

Very important thing to do if you want a healthy pregnancy is to stop your vices if you have of that is smoking..because it can really complicate pregnancy and very much harmful to both mother and the baby..


Loida - March 17

Yes, i agree with you femia. Smoking and also taking drugs are a big no during pregnancy.It can have serious harmful effects on a developing baby and it can cause fetal distress and low birth weight. If you used to do this, you better stop this.


maria143 - March 17

when i was pregnant, i was so lazy.i just want to sit down and lie down but this is not advisable.the doctor advised me to do EXERCISE because it increases the blood flow and adds to overall health. i suggest that you have to exercise at least 20mins a day and make it part of your daily routine.


genny_babe - March 17

I'm a junk food addict and usually go for fast foods.But i quit junk foods.I also learned that almost all fast foods are overwhelmingly high in fat, salt and sugar, providing empty calories. When you eat junk food you’re substituting empty and potentially harmful calories for healthy, nutritious foods. Eat well. It’s the best lifestyle change you can make for yourself and your baby.


MeLoDy - March 17

A healthy weight is one part of having a healthy body. Being overweight can increase the risks of complications in pregnancy and increase long-term health risks. Healthful eating and physical activity are both great ways to invest in your health.


sleeping beauty - March 17

A positive, healthy lifestyle is an important part of your pregnancy. Maintaining good health by sleeping well, eating well, being active and a positive outlook will surely give you a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby...


geraldine - March 18

Yes, positive outlook in life and having to eat well-balance diet and exercise is the best thing you could give for yourself and your baby during pregnancy.


Susiet - March 19

Good choices are indeed good during pregnancy. Especially, in making a healthy choices for you and for your baby. Planning what to do, what to eat and what to have is very important means of assuring that you and your baby will always be at your best!


maxim - March 19

For me, pregnancy is the best experience any women could have. That's why it's always very important that a woman who is pregnant should be careful in everything. From what she eats, from what she do or activity she's having and by valuing the baby inside her, she should have take vitamins and supplements that would develop more of the baby's well being.


shienna - March 20

Be careful of what you are doing; don't exposed to any appliances which have radiation. Minimized sweet foods. Have a positive outlook in life; be the best of whatever you are.


Nelsee - March 21

Yes, healthy lifestyle must be in the mind of the pregnant woman ...that's if she wants to have a healthy baby.


Brenz - March 25

It is natural feeling, to become excited of having first pregnancy, the only thing you should do is to watch your healthy life style.



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