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Home Pregnancy Test
10 Replies
Misty - February 19

I've been feeling nauseous lately and decided to take a test. It came back with a very pale pink line, but I've looked online and I guess lots of women got a positive result with a pale line. I bought another two pack and I was wondering how long I should wait to re-test?
Any advice would be appreciated, or if you got a positive with a pale line in the past, I'd like to hear about it.


Saffron - February 19

The hormone that pregnancy produces doubles roughly every 48 hours or 2 days (it varies woman to woman, but that is what the Doctors generally go by). Also, the hormone is the most concentrated in your urine first thing in the morning, so you can either retake another test first thing tomorrow morning, or the next day if you want to play it super safe, but if you got a faint line today, you will at least get another faint line tomorrow morning if you are indeed pregnant(as it seems!).


Artemis - February 19

Yep, it really depends how desperate you are to find out. The general rule is a line is a line and as long as it is the right color and showed in the time specified then it does sound like you are pregnant! If I were you I would test again in the morning with the first urine of the day, if there is a line there, even a faint one, then it would seem you are definitely pregnant!


Tiana - February 19

I too got a very pale line at first. I don't think you have to wait more than a day--just make sure its first morning pee and if you get another line, no matter how faint, you are pregnant!


Jolie - February 19

I would wait a couple of days. The hcg level in your urine is highest in morning so you should always test then for best result. and if you are pregnant then your hcg level will double every two days. so best advice wait a couple of days then test in morning and you should get your result smile good luck!


asela24 - February 19

home pregnancy test can help. so the couple would really know the fact of having a baby is really an exciting moment.


martyS - February 25

it is due to excitement, or due to curiosity that the modern trend nowadays would like to have a pregnancy test. How about if you just wait and much hope would envelope within your personality. If you are pregnant then you will know within you.


mocca baby - February 26

You are indeed pregnant with a pale line on a home pregnancy test. You don't need to wait for too can re-test for about 30 minutes, I guess.


GoogDle - March 4

This is the first time I heard about this though. Very informative!


trixy - March 12

Yes, I have tried it too..and I indeed get a positive result. But well, it's good to consult it with your doctor to be able to know if you are really conceiving or not. God bless!


monique - March 19

When I had my pregnancy test with my 1st and 2nd child, they all resulted to very pale pink and..I don't have any doubts before the test that they are really positive..and it's true indeed!



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