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How much weight did you put on in your first trimester?
11 Replies
Fabriane - February 15

I know you're not expected/supposed to put on any weight in the first tri - I swore, after a total pregnancy gain of 3 and a half stone last time, that I would be more sensible this time. But I felt so sick, and carbs helped so much. grin

13 weeks today and I have put on a total so far of 12-13 pounds!!!

I know it won't help when I get nearer the end, I'll be more tired, more backache, more breathless, but I can't seem to help myself!

Anyone care to reassure me that I'm not the only one who has put on weight? It'll make me beat myself up less.


Raine - February 15

I am only 8-9 weeks pregnant and I am eating like a horse and I can't seem to stop myself!

My jeans are already tight. So I feel your pain. I keep telling myself that when the tiredness passes that I will get out and about and exercise more to counteract it.

If it makes you feel any better, my sister has just announced that she is getting married in June and I am maid of honor! So I will look like a whale compared to everyone else and I won't be able to avoid photos like I did during my last pregnancy. So I really need to get a grip on my eating but it seems to fend off the queasiness.


Kyoko - February 15

I had the same experience, but haven't put on any weight in the 2nd tri and have been gaining slowly but steadily in the third. Remember not all of the weight you gain is fat. Your blood volume increases, you retain water, the placenta weighs around 1.5 kg by the time you are full term.

As long as you can stay reasonably active and are eating healthy food then I think your weight gain will be what it will be.


Saffron - February 15

In my first trimester I put about about 4 lbs but felt like more then I lost nearly 10 lbs as my sickness was worse at start of 2nd trimester and was ill. have now gained back those 10 lbs bump is not massive but my thighs are. I was a little overweight to begin with and now just feel fat and frumpy and uncomfortable with myself. Not really a constructive post just wanted ypu to know others feel the same.


Tashi - February 15

I gained lots of weight in my 1st trimester last time, hardly any in middle and lots in the last. Overall weight gain was 3 1/2 stone which is a lot but I needed to eat to stop retching.

Same again this time, am only 7 weeks but just know I have gained too much already.

I will worry about it once bubba is here.


casie - February 25

when i was pregnant, at my first trimester i gained so much and it was like double my normal weight. worst was when i gained much more on my 2nd trimester and it was pretty alarming because my feet got so swollen i easily get tired even with just having 10 steps going around the house. my doctor advice me to watch with the foods i eat and to take some light exercises because i would definitely having a hard time giving birth if i won't but i was just so lame and a couch potato and so when i gave birth i had been dealing with pain too much to handle for almost 3 hrs.


Funniez - February 27

during pregnancy, the pregnant woman would crave food more than usual, it is because the idea comes in that there's another life within that must be feed.But the tendency is the food intake can make the woman obese. So it is advice to have a self control in taking extra craving of food.


stella - March 1

I did not put up a lot of weight during my pregnancy whether it's first, second or third trimester, because I don't want to get overweight, for health purposes. I belong to a family with hypertension, and I believe that if my weight increases, my blood pressure also increases.


MaeThree - March 1

it is better not to eat to many kinds of foods even if it is not needed within our bodies.


Golzs - March 1

For me , I don't want to become obese. I'd rather choice to make the baby strong and healthy during outside the womb.


Bernadette - March 2

During my pregnancy at first trimester, I just to be contended in a glass of milk, and then, I also eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. I don't gain weight during this period.


karen - April 13

I have the same situation as yours, but you have to start controlling weight on the next trimester baby will grow faster during the last trimester period.



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