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I get Very Hungry
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Holly - February 9

I don't know if this is even normal, I guess it is.
Since I learned that I was pregnant I GREATLY changed my food intake. No more sweets (candies, ice cream, pop, anything good) and no more salt.

I also eat a lot more of veggies and fruits and only 1 piece of meat per day.
I have actually lost 2 pounds in 2 weeks. Which I think is normal with the new diet.

Now, the problem is, I suddenly become VERY hungry. Like my stomach hurts like crazy (as if I didn't eat for hours) and it contracts (I think- well that feeling you get when you're really hungry and it hurts).

If I don't eat right away I become extremely white and to fainting point. Usually, if I take an orange or something though, it goes away.

So, that concerns me. Plus
- This happens randomly during the day
- I don't get symptoms before head that I'm hungry (like my head doesn't start hurting before my stomach tells me I'm hungry as it usually would)
- I feel myself getting very weak.
- I'm eating enough (I count my calories and everything.
- I'm exercising but not more than usual.
Is this really normal?


January - February 9

Being hungry to the point of feeling faint is not normal. Did your Doctor tell you to lose weight?? It's recommended that if your overweight before pregnancy then you don't gain weight during pregnancy. I don't think you should be losing.

You should also be getting much more protein than one piece of meat is offering. they're are other ways to get it, other than meat though.

I would talk to a Doctor before doing anything extreme.


June - February 9

Yikes. I don't know why your Doctor would recommend a diet like that. I think you need to consume more than you currently are and I would not think losing weight was ideal while pregnant.

Anyhow, all I know is that from the start of my second trimester til now I NEED lots of protein. WAY more than ever before. I was darn near a vegetarian before pregnancy, now all I want is meat.

I would do what you think you need to do to keep from feeling faint. Call your Doctor and tell them you don't feel well and see if they will give you some advice.


Trilby - February 9

I would just up your fiber heavy foods, since you said you are eating enough calories. Eating healthy like that is good. I'd add a couple of servings of nuts, like almonds or mixed nuts. Great nutrients, great fill you up power. Also make sure that what you do eat is high in fiber. Beans, apples, carrots, etc. Fills you up for longer.
I am eating NO meat a day, so I see no need to up your meat. I'm getting my protein with 3 cups of milk a day plus whole wheat bagel, peanut butter, beans, Greek yogurt, and more. All of those are great for you and help keep me fueled.


Avani - February 9

It sounds like your blood sugar is bottoming out. I've felt that way a lot and it's usually always been because I skipped breakfast and never ate until 11 or 12.
Eat small meals but eat frequently.


geraldine - February 10

I think you need to consult a doctor to know what's really wrong with you and for you to be given special medication intended to treat your condition.


riza_cretz - February 11

I think its normal for pregnant to always get hungry and of course if you will not eat right away you will really get faint.I also experienced that when i was pregnant.I was not only got faint, my hands are also shaking at that time maybe because of hunger and low resistance and also there's a baby inside my womb.But just tell your doctor aboout your situation.



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