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Impending Labor
11 Replies
snow white - March 26

What are the signs of impending labor? I really don't have any idea. What if, I almost have to deliver my baby and I did not notice it..I'm so quite afraid.


merliy - March 26

Are you going to give birth all ready? Then be ready, set your mind to have a healthy baby. Don't take a time to think of any horrible event which has not yet to happen. If other can do then why can't you!


Shearje - March 27

When I was pregnant and the time of my delivery was in that month I was so excited but when the event of labor came I was praying so hard because of the pain that could not be explained, whatever action I've done still the pain was there. But when the baby came out, the excitement was also unexplainable, so much happiness enveloped in my heart.


kitty - March 27

As labor draws closer, your baby will begin to descend lower into your pelvis. Every mom carries her baby a little differently, and some who have carried low will not notice this change as readily as a mom who might have carried high. As your cervix softens, the baby will begin dropping until his head is fully applied to the cervix. One of the labor symptoms to watch for is an increased heaviness or pressure in your pelvis.


Hannah - March 27

A woman's labor is often portrayed with her water breaking at an inopportune time and place, followed by the speedy delivery of her baby. Few women will actually experience the rupture of her amniotic sac before she gets to the hospital, or before labor starts. When the amniotic sac ruptures, a woman may experience a gush of fluid, or a slow, steady trickle, depending on her position as well as the baby's. Amniotic fluid is clear and odorless, though it may be slightly tinged with blood. Be sure to take note of the color of the fluid, and call your doctor or midwife immediately.


chelsea - March 27

Of all the labor symptoms, contractions are the ones that are the surest sign that labor has begun. As labor begins and progresses, your contractions will increase in duration and intensity. They will often be accompanied by a radiating pain which may include pain in your back, and do not subside by changing position. If you can no longer talk through a contraction, these are mostly likely the real deal.


liyabelle - March 27

one of the signs are frequent bathroom breaks. you may find yourself wanting to pee or empty your bowels but nothing literally comes out. water marks also is a sign where your water bag breaks.


sheila - March 28

Well, if you experience more pain than before..and there's a water bag that come out already..that's already a sign that you have already your impending labor.


Arxelie - March 29

On the event of the labor, you have to notice the time interval of the pain. As the interval is closer and closer then you have to expect that it would be followed by a rapture of the bag of water. Then be ready of the delivery.


devine grace - March 31

You know already that what you are experiencing is already an impending labor because the pain is so not normal anymore. Then you are expecting it to happen during the 38th weeks of your, you know that IT'S REALLY IS IT!


fionah jane - April 3

On the weeks that you are expecting to have your labor or you will know if it's ready for you to deliver your baby because the doctor will tell it to you by means of IA, they can detect if the baby is really about to come out.


Esterlite - April 3

You know if you feel an unusual pain on your expected date of delivery and then you noticed a sticky fluid in your vagina, then this is the time that you may go to the hospital.



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