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Implantation bleeding?
6 Replies
Ynes - February 18

Well, my husband and I (I'm 19 years old, married to a marine) and we moved into our own place about three weeks ago. Three Saturdays ago I thought I was starting my period, but it looked kinda dark, but I only bled a little bit. I bleed about the size of a dime on my tampon, but it only lasted two days at the most...then I started getting brownish discharge for no more than three days. the following saturday I took a pregnancy test, it was negative. So I waited until last saturday, and I took another (both times I waited until the morning more concentrated) and this one was also negative. I know every pregnancy is different...but I talked to a friend of mine whom also had implantation bleeding. She told me that happened to her as well ...but the second time she took a test it said positive. I had sharp short cramps two days ago, and I've been getting headaches a lot... and I get nauseated sometimes during the day but it doesn't last very long.

Can someone give me advice as to whats going on? we both want this be a pregnancy, and we both are completely please help me out?


Fabriane - February 18

If that bleeding was implantation bleeding you should have gotten a positive test by now. Usually you get a positive test by 3-4 days out from the start of spotting. It sounds like you may have just had a weird period or some breakthrough bleeding. I don't know how to explain your other symptoms.


Devika - February 18

It sounds very unlikely that it could be a pregnancy with all those negative tests. If it was implantation then a test should definitely be working by now! Implantation is actually VERY rare, not many women experience it at all and most that do literally just get a dot of blood.

Your other symptoms could be almost anything, it could be that you are only noticing them because you suspect you may be pregnant and you *want* to be pregnant. Trust me, I was trying for a baby for almost 4 years and during that time had months where I had every pregnancy symptom there was! When I did finally get pregnant the only pregnancy symptom I had really was nausea and that didn't start until I was 6 weeks.


Gianne - February 18

If it has been three weeks and you still aren't getting a positive test, then my opinion is that you aren't pregnant just yet. You may just be having a wacky cycle due to stress. If you are on or have recently gone off any kind of birth control that could make you spot and have a weird cycle as well.


Hermione - February 18

It's very unlikely that your pregnant. Your body can surprisingly create any symptoms you want/imagine it to have.

I always had irregular cycles before I had my daughter. It was extremely frustrating, because pinpointing ovulation was very hard. I started charting and taking my temperature every morning, and really learned about my body. I also became more aware of things that happen right before I ovulate, that were pretty much consistent (temperature dip, increase in libido, slipper cervical mucus, ovulation pain). After a few months, it would happen and I knew I was going to ovulate soon, and I did!!! Some women have perfect cycles, and can have sex at the same time every month and have really good chances at pregnancy.


childCare - February 19

it is a very rare case but anyway if it is implantation, then you are already pregnant? what would be the real procedure.? But we just hope and pray that your pregnancy would prosper.


Nichole - April 13

Implantation bleeding is vaginal discharge which usually contains a small amount of pinkish or brownish blood. Only about a third of pregnant women experience implantation bleeding.



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