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Is coffee Not Good during Pregnancy
18 Replies
Claire - February 16

I love to drink coffee! Actually, I was branded with my friend as a"certified coffee addict" But now that I'm already pregnant, I try to stop this habit because they said coffee is not good during pregnancy. But most of the time I really crave for it. What should I do?


monique - February 16

I guess,coffee won't hurt your baby. A little amount of it doesn't really give bad effect to your pregnancy. No studies have proved something that coffee can lead to baby abnormalities. So, it's actually not a problem.


klare - February 16

there are no research that coffee can make deformities of the baby. but drink it moderately.


joanne - February 18

Yes, you have to drink it moderately. As a concerned mother to your baby, it's really good enough that you should not consumed more of coffee because it has caffeine which might lead to miscarriage.


fionah jane - February 18

My friend drinks a lot of coffee during her pregnancy..but no bad happened to the baby, so this just mean that coffee is really not harmful at all.


mildred - February 19

Well, I think coffee is really not harmful enough for pregnant mothers to drink during pregnancy. But just limit the amounts of caffeine in your diet. Although the effects is unclear on the developing human fetus, but some studies also shows that it can cause fetal abnormalities of low birth weight babies.


shine - February 21

Just try to avoid excessive amount of it. No one knows the effect yet to the fetus but it's very good to avoid so that there's nothing to regret later on.


tonette - February 22

It's definitely not good because of it's caffeine which could really give a bad effect to the baby. That's why for pregnant mothers who used to drink coffee, now that your already pregnant, please do avoid this kind of drinks because you don't know what's the effect on this your baby that you have to regret for the rest of your life.


kleemz - February 23

I think, drinking coffee could not harm the fetus, I have a friend who drink coffee everyday even if she is pregnant but her children are all awarded in school.


fionah jane - February 24

I don't think so. According to a new study, coffee is not harmful during pregnancy as a matter of fact, pregnant mothers are advised to drink it cause it helps her to have more energy her body needs. But just in moderation.


lovely mae - March 1

I beg to disagree! Coffee is not harmful during pregnancy, I guess, it's another way around. Coffee could actually help you sustain your energy during pregnancy and by drinking it, you always feel active in doing a lot of things and you are always like you are on the go of everything!


sheila - March 1

I too loves to drink coffee when I was pregnant with my second child and well, I still deliver a very healthy baby boy. Just drink coffee in a little amount, it won't harm you for sure!


Flowerz - March 2

Yes, it might not good or it might be. There's a possibility that it can harm the metabolism of the body, but to be sure, how about at this time you are pregnant, you may stop drinking coffee.


ShielaPo - March 4

I think you should go on for what you crave for but give yourself a limit.


Lady Lee - March 13

It is true, Don't take the risk by drinking coffee even if you are pregnant. Just only this time/or at this moment that you are pregnant frefrain yourself in taking coffee.


sweet gurl - March 14

For me, anything that has caffeine is really not good. Coffee is no good for pregnant woman..more so to the fetus she's having.


Lindsay - March 20

Refrain in drinking coffee, this is not good for the baby. This may cause the baby having emotional disorder.



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