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April - April 12

How does in vitro fertilization or IVF works? I am just curious about that. Anyone tried using it? Is that safe and how much ?


Mayen - April 12

IVF helps infertile couple who wants to have a baby.


Kisha123 - April 12

If a couple cannot conceive naturally and they really want to have a baby, they may be able to have a baby by way of IVF or In Vitro Fertilization.


Judy - April 12

IVF is a way treating infertility.


Riza - April 12

Before they can go for IVF, couples have to undergo several testing such as the sperm count and hormone tests to really know the cause of their infertility, after which the couple could be decided as to whether they can benefit from IVF or not.


Hannah - April 12

IVF is an infertility treatment which requires you a lot of process to take. First is the ovary stimulation, then egg collection, embryo transfer procedure and Pregnancy test.


Stephanie - April 13

IVF is quite expensive and you will not get pregnant with this one time. My friend got pregnant on the third try. Lucky for her.


nancy - April 13

he doctor will use a long, slender tube called a catheter to painlessly transfer the embryos through the cervix to the woman's uterus. It is not uncommon to use two to three or more fertilized eggs for implantation. This method gives a woman a better chance of an egg successfully implanting. It is important to remain in a resting position for the next hour or so.


Mycel - April 13

If you want to try the In vitro you must have the patience to undergo several steps to create the right environment for conception. Prepare yourself.


Paige - April 13

Definitely this requires a series of steps. For the first step in IVF which is the ovary stimulation, the woman takes medication that will suppress her normal production of hormones. This will lead to a low hormone state that is the same with menopause, causing some women to experience the symptoms of menopause during this phase.



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