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Keeping a Laugh Daily
26 Replies
katekat - February 24

For the pregnant woman, it is needed that we have to keep laugh daily. Humor is such a good medicine. We can get more of this healthy exercise into our everyday lives most especially in times of pregnancy.


devine grace - February 24

That's indeed true. Laughing connects us with others and if it's done a lot often during pregnancy, it's like a mother is putting a lot more connection to her baby in the womb. It's very important because it has a very powerful force that gives a lot more positive effect to your body.


lezza - February 25

there's a saying which says,"Laughter is the best medicine", and I'm agree with these adage, it is laughter which is one of the factors that make the fetus active and healthy.


geraldine - February 25

Laugh you heart's out!It's indeed good during pregnancy. As what they said when you often laugh during pregnancy, your baby would come out pretty and healthy!


Leolyn - February 25

In an expert's studies, it says that your daily laugh total should equal at least 15 chuckles a day. Laugh therapy is especially effective when shared with a friend or loved one. And the woman who always laugh could have a child who would have a good disposition in life.


jasmine - February 25

i have to definitely agree on that... it has been said that there can be a psychological good effect on the development of a baby's brain when you are happy, sad, frustrated, depressed or whatever you feels. so being happy and keeping laugh somehow will also reflect on your baby's emotion.


gorgeous - February 27

during pregnancy, remind yourself that you are a happy person. Identify yourself to others as being a happy individual. Smile often. Then at the times come observe your baby as it grows he/she also determined to be happy all the time.Live up no worries and anxiety.What your attitude during your pregnancy, it would be reflected to the baby as he/she grows.


ShiShi - February 28

Indeed! but just can't help thinking about laughing when you're already laboring? wouldn't it be funny to look at? just a thought of sharing. :)


tonette - February 28

When I was pregnant with my first child, I also had two friends who were also expecting. We would get together once a week and over some milkshakes, compare our growing bellies and laugh out loud with our big maternity pants. It's really such a funny experience we can never forget. And all our babies were healthy and very active until now.


motherLee - February 28

It is necessary to laugh at all times. There's a study that laugh can cure illness.


trexieBee - February 28

have you ever laughed until your sides hurt? That is the caused by your diaphragm pulling on your side muscles with each convulsion. As the diaphragm convulses, it shakes up your stomach and other vital organs. You get an internal massage, or as one researcher calls it, "internal Jogging".


MicoleRey - February 28

Laughing is an aerobic workout for the diaphragm and increases the body's ability to use oxygen.


hopeFaith - February 28

Laughing lowers levels of stress hormones and strengthens the immune system. Six-year-olds laugh an average of 300 times a day. Adults only laugh 15 to 100 times a day.


Auntex - March 2

We must laugh everyday so our immune system can be energize, It is a tremendous help of those who are suffering of illness and diseases.


Lhemha - March 13

It is a good idea to have laugh everyday. It can make the mood good and nice! And the baby would also develop a nice affection towards other, as it grows.


janeth - March 14

Laughing is indeed good for the body, helps you stay young and beautiful. Most of all, if you done this habit during pregnancy, it will help you and your baby in good condition and best of health always!


farmae - March 21

The woman needs to laugh daily so that the emotion he has may transmit to the baby and the baby would grow in a happy mood.



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