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6 Replies
Wendel - February 3

I am pregnant, but recently,I feel such unusual pain and lump. I was advice to have a mammogram. The doctor told me that that it can risk the situation of the fetus. I am hoping that it is just an ordinary sickness.


devine grace - February 4

I think you are bothered by it..deciding what the right thing to do for you and for your baby is not really that easy. But is there no other alternatives? Probably, you can ask the doctor more safer way than having mammogram.


JinkyBebz - February 5

Yes, we must be hoping and pray that whatever you feel now, would just and ordinary and simple sickness, not so serious!


meriam_floyd - February 6

Yeah, mammogram is very much dangerous for the baby inside the womb. Mammogram is a specific type of imaging a low doses of x-ray system that examine the breast. That's why it's a lot of risk to the baby during pregnancy.


jansky.23 - February 11

Women who show no signs of breast cancer do not undergo regular mammograms for screening during their pregnancy. However, if lump is detected during pregnancy, a diagnostic mammogram may be performed. A lead apron is usually placed over the woman's stomach area during the mammogram to shield the developing fetus.


fionah jane - February 15

Early detection is very crucial to the treatment of any disease, especially cancer. The good thing about mammogram is that they can detect cancer while they are still small and before they had spread. But, the problem is that you are pregnant and you are concerned about your fetus. So, the decision lies only to you.


bianca - April 13

Your breasts undergo amazing changes when you become pregnant. As they develop milk ducts for breast feeding, they often double in size and become heavy with extra fluid. The breast tissue also feels more firm and "lumpy bumpy." These changes can make it difficult to diagnose breast cancer.



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