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morning sickness
14 Replies
Jolie - February 9

Any advice on what to do to cut back the nausea? I hate feeling like I'm going to vomit all the time. I've read to eat what you crave but I do that anyways. and eat small meals more frequently. but is there more I can do or take to help it out. I really can't afford to miss work due to this.


Argenta - February 9

I've had horrible "morning" sickness this whole pregnancy, and although everyone's different, here's some things that have worked for me:
- eat bland, mild foods, especially in the morning (toast, bananas, apples, oatmeal, grainy cold cereals, etc.)
- don't drink while eating, it fills you up faster
- set an alarm on your cell phone for every two hours or so and eat BEFORE you get hungry, once your stomach is empty it's an uphill battle
- keep graham crackers or saltines next to your bed and eat one before getting up in the middle of the night (it really helps for the umpteen bathroom trips)
- shower when you feel well, don't wait until you need to...if you're like me the heat of the shower intensifies the nausea
- especially at dinner time eat SLOW and stop BEFORE you feel full. I seriously take like half an hour or more to eat because I'm constantly evaluating my stomach with every bite because too full and it'll come up every time.

I hope this helps at least a bit.


Faine - February 9

vitamin B6 is supposed to help (someone correct me if I am wrong), Ginger tea helps soothe tummies, peppermint candies, stay hydrated. Sometimes taking your prenatal vitamin in the morning or at night can cause worse morning sickness with some people so try taking it at different times during the day to see what works for you, and take it with a light snack. Hope that helps some


Clarise - February 9

Shower when you feel well. Eat very frequently, try to keep an even amount of food in your stomach. Get enough sleep EVERY night. Don't fill up on liquid. Eat little bits of bland foods. Don't take a vitamin on an empty stomach.


Noelle - February 9

I have the same problem but without the vomiting. I wonder if I just make myself vomit if it will make me feel better. My gyn told me:
1)water makes nausea drink gatorade/lemon or cool-aide/ginger ale
2)eat every 2 hours...mostly complex carbs like crackers, rice, oatmeal
& bananas have vB6 so maybe that should help
3)avoid milk products such as cheese & acidic drinks like orange juice
4)don't eat fried or spicy foods

I hope this helps. I'm trying every which way & beyond to feel better myself. I love to eat & since I've been pregnant, my appetite is horrible! but the good thing is that the Doctor said it's a good sign of a healthy pregnancy hope you feel better soon!


heatherlyn - February 12

Just drink a milk early in the morning immediately after waking up. I think it will help you a lot.


fionah jane - February 15

I hate morning sickness, but I think it's part of pregnancy sacrifices that you need to experience.


devine grace - February 15

Morning sickness is on pregnancy changes that mostly many pregnant women experience during their pregnancy. Despite the name, "morning sickness", it may strike at anytime of the day or night.


belinda - April 14


Whither you are hungry or not you should eat every couple of hours to help keep your blood sugar levels up. If you wait until you are already hungry, it can cause you to become more nausea's due to your stomach acid production and your blood sugar levels lowering. Keep snacks that are high in protein, carbohydrates and fiber close to you at all times. Healthy snacks like fruit, vegetables, nuts, crackers and cheese, are good choices.


karylle - April 14

Based on my experienced, anything that i eat or take, whether i like it or not, will still be vomitted because this is really part of pregnancy. so, just sacrifice a bit because this will just pass.


devine grace - April 14

Pregnant woman can avoid morning sickness by getting enough sleep and rest, plus taking proper vitamins and minerals that the body and the baby needs.


DeiDei - April 14

Noelle, you have a great list in there. It's nice to see how organized and effective you are. Will definitely try those though! Thanks! ^^


KylaShem - April 14

Yeah, fionah jane you're right. We just have to deal with it no matter what; it is part of being pregnant. :)


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