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Morning Sickness
6 Replies
Yasmin - February 10

Are all pregnant women experience morning sickness? How can I prevent this from happening ? Is there a way? Kindly share, please.


pretty mhama - February 10

Morning sickness is actually a common symptoms of pregnancy. To avoid having this kind of condition, you need also to avoid eating greasy foods and those foods known to cause disagreeable after effects, on your diet.


charity - February 10

not all pregnant women will experience this morning sickness thing.i've known an officemate before who didnt experience this thing as if she were not pregnant at all.but in my case, it was really hassle because even inside jeepneys i got to vomit.


MhadZ2K - February 10

It is estimated that approximately 50-90% of pregnant women experience discomfort from the nausea and vomiting associated with pregnancy.I will suggest you to eat ginger because it may reduce vomiting and it doesn't have any negative effects on your pregnancy.That simple and affordable.just try it.This is my simple remedy before.


jessica - February 10

Most pregnant women will experience morning sickness..I think you cannot prevent this because when i was pregnant i used to eat pineapple, oranges, or something that has good smell to prevent this but still i feel nauseated.It's really hard to avoid especially when i can smell perfume or gasoline.


Alischia - February 10

There are lucky pregnant women who didn't experienced the uncomfortable of morning sickness but i have read that women who have no morning sickness are more likely to miscarry or to bear children with birth defects. This is because such women are more likely to ingest substances that are harmful to the fetus.So, with this fact, morning sickness has also an advantage for pregnant women.So, we will just let this thing happen and wait for 12th week to stop this.


bliss1980 - February 10

There are no treatment for morning sickness but there are some tips to lessen the the uncomfy feeling..
Just try this:
-Lemons, particularly the smelling of freshly cut lemons
-Avoid empty stomach.You should eat 5 small meals a day than 3 large meals
-Eat fruits and vegetables that are high in water content like watermelon, grapefruit, strawberries, lettuce, grapes and many others.
-Drink ginger tea
These are natural and safe and these can really help.



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