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Over the counter medicine
13 Replies
wennie - February 20

How harmful is medication to the fetus when a pregnant mother take it by mistake during her pregnancy? What are the effects that brought with it?


stella - February 20

I think the weight of drugs have to be weighed against its benefits. Most experts agree that the benefits of medication in such cases outweigh the risks.


SAlly - February 21

before taking any drug you have to consult first your doctor and you should also be responsible enough to take extra careful of what you have taken.wrong medication is fatal!!!


adelie - February 21

During pregnancy, no matter what you eat will also be swallowed up by your fetus. So, be careful especially in taking drugs because wrong medication may spoil whole pregnancy phase especially if due date is near.


fionah jane - February 21

Over the counter medicine should always be a no, no, to all pregnant mothers. The effect on this if they able to take this by mistake is very devastating and it can cause abnormalities to the baby.


Luzille - February 24

there are medications which are called over-the-counter; these can easily be at hand as if you are buying a food. But there are some cautions about those thing, you might buy a medicine which is not the appropriate medication for your illness.


devine grace - February 25

You need to have a doctor's prescription before buying or taking any of these medicine during pregnancy. This is really not recommended only during unavoidable circumstances.


jinky - February 28

Very harmful and it's not good to take during pregnancy.


azerech - February 28

there are medicines which can easily be bought. And this drug has been approved that it can not do harm to the lives of an individual so it can not be panic if ever there are medicines that are taken by the pregnant woman.


Aizza - February 28

An over the counter product can acquired through simply buying it in a manner of buying food, it is not hard to get medicine.


mocca baby - March 1

The effects that will be brought about by taking over the counter medicine during pregnancy is very much devastating on the part of a child. It's so harmful because it can cause a physical abnormalities to the fetus and worst to that, it can be a life threatening too.


Levitha - March 1

what are the effects that brought with some medications? There are so many side effects. Don't take any medicine unless it is prescribed by a doctor to you. Because as far as I know there are people who would like to take medicines which was prescribed intended. to her friend
The result of this attitude is worries.


Holmesh - March 13

It is a great danger to the fetus because there are medicine that can melt the body parts. This the one of the reason that there are some babies who have defects in physical and in mental capacities.


daisy - April 14

Here's the rule to remember about the medications you can buy over the counter (OTC): Just because these medications are readily available and safe for you to use, it does not mean they are safe for your baby. Some of the remedies we all take without a second thought need to be okayed by your doctor before you can take them during your pregnancy—aspirin, cold remedies, yeast infection medications, preparations for digestive problems, and sleep aids, for example.



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