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Pelvic Floor Exercises
14 Replies
Jhaira - March 17

Are pelvic floor exercises good during pregnancy? Why? Can you please mention the different pelvic exercises and it's advantages?


marianne - March 17

yes this is good during pregnancy. The pelvic floor muscles form a broad sling between your legs. They stretch from the pubic bone at the front of your body to the base of your spine at the back. They help to hold your bladder, uterus (womb) and bowel in place. These muscles also give you control over when you empty your bladder or move your bowels.


jinky - March 18

Yes, very much! Pelvic floor exercises was being suggested to me by my doctor to preform when I was pregnant with my second child and I do have a very safe and painless delivery.


tabie - March 18

they say that pelvic exercise during pregnancy will help a lot and could benefit good childbirth especially on your labouring day. i tried it before and it`s really working miracles.


leonora - March 19

pelvic exercise is perfect for pregnant women and this can also manage to cope up with growing weight and to the whole being of your baby as well.


joanne - March 19

Pelvic exercises are definitely good and is highly recommended to perform during pregnancy because it will have lots of good health benefits to both the mother and her baby.


cheska - March 21

Pelvic floor exercises are very effective when performed at a regular intervals and if it's done correctly. It has lots of health benefits and it's really good during pregnancy.


georgie - March 21

It is a great advantage to have this kind of exercises when you are pregnant.It can help a lot to the woman to deliver the baby in a natural way.


heatherlyn - March 22

There are lot of pelvic floor exercises that a pregnant woman can's all really good and gives a lot of health benefits to her and for her baby.


joanne - March 26

My favorite pelvic floor exercises during my pregnancy is curl ups. I always had good feeling when i do this kind of exercises and I know it is also good for my condition as pregnant woman.


SugarLee - March 29

The pelvic floor exercises is very advantageous for the pregnant woman. It is of great help if the pregnant woman is doing these every day. The pregnant woman would surely deliver in a normal way.


Tara - April 6

Before doing pelvic exercises, you should consult or have a specialist to assist you doing this since this is very crucial if not done correctly; as you're conceiving a baby and we don't want the little angel to be at risk.


AlmaFlor - April 6

In my own analysis it can help much. Yes, it is good to the pregnant women. But before doing the exercise,you must refer it to the physician, whether it is good for you or not.


perlyn - April 7

Pelvic exercises are very much recommended to pregnant women to perform during pregnancy because it can help them a lot to have safe delivery..with so much resistance and energy.


may - April 13

Pelvic tilt
This exercise is very important because it is the building block of good posture. It also strengthens your abdominal and back muscles, decreasing back strain and fatigue. Practice it often.

* Lie on your back with your knees bent.
* Inhale through your nose and tighten your stomach and buttock muscles.
* Flatten the small of your back against the floor and allow your pelvis to tilt upward.
* Hold for a count of five as you exhale slowly.
* Relax, repeat.

You can also perform the pelvic tilt on your hands and knees or standing up.

CAUTION: DO NOT arch your back, bulge your abdomen or push with your feet to obtain this motion!



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