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Placenta Encapsulation
4 Replies
Kendra - February 17

Ever heard of it? Ever considered it?

I had heard of people consuming their placenta, and although I understood biologically why it was probably not only safe but also very natural (many animals do it) and beneficial, I really couldn't get my brain around that. I'm a bit of a hippy, but not that much, LOL! Then I found out that there are women out there (often midwives) who will come to your home and prepare your placenta through steaming, dehydrating, then grinding into powder and putting into capsules.

Apparently it does wonders for baby blues/PPD, milk supply, energy, etc. Google it and see! I read up a bit, and became interested. I just discovered (to my shock) that there is a woman very close to me who does it.

Not pregnant again. But have totally decided to do this. I figure... If I end up with another c/s, which I hope to avoid but must be emotionally prepared for, anything that will help fend off the challenges that come with that, both physically and emotionally, are worth pursuing.

Eat placenta like a slice of meat. Yuck. Consume innocently in a capsule... I can handle that.



Ralphina - February 17

MW, as someone who suffered baby blues for weeks (may have even been on the verge of being diagnosed with PPD), I researched why exactly PPD and postpartum blues occurs, and found that with the delivery of the placenta, the body undergoes a dramatic fall in hormones (progesterone, estrogen, and HCG). So if you think about it, it's like a massive PMS except times a thousand!! Because in the luteal phase of your cycle, progesterone is high, then falls because there is no pregnancy.

If the placenta is what contains much of the hormones of pregnancy, then it wouldn't surprise me that "placenta capsules", helps fend off PPD!! It would be like taking capsules to wean you down from that high of hormones you experience during pregnancy.

I came to the conclusion that its almost like withdrawing from a drug (never actually experienced that!). To have that high of hormones suddenly taken away cold turkey as what happens during the birth process, is bound to affect some women!

BUT, cooking, and burying and worshiping placentas as what is considered very normal in some a little much for me. LOL!


Surie - February 17

I've been considering it and a friend of mine swears by it. However, I think SO (and anyone else that knew me except for the friend that recommended it and one other friend) would completely freak if he even knew I was considering it. LOL! The challenge for me would be to find someone that could do it because I don't think I'd be prepared for it, and also there's the issue with getting the hospital to give me my placenta when it comes out!


Sabina - February 17

As someone who also had a pretty rough time adjusting to new motherhood after the hormone crash, I can totally appreciate the benefits of placenta capsules. I would definitely try this but like others, I wouldn't eat it directly; although if somebody gave it to you without telling you what it was I bet it'd probably taste really nice. Maybe a bit like liver?


Cressida - February 17

Yeah, go for it! During my birth center group class, another mom-to-be handed out cards of a lady in town who prepared placenta. I didn't have much interest at that time. But now, I've been having what fits the description of PDD, and have some seriously scary depression for a 5-6 days a month for the past 6 months or so. If I were to have another child, I'll definitely look to encapsulated placenta to ward off feeling worse, because I'd sure hate to find out that's possible! If my husband heard about the benefits of consuming placenta, I can guarantee he'd probably be trying to force feed it to me raw!



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