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Poop while giving birth
6 Replies
Hasina - February 11

When giving birth, does every woman poop on the table? I've heard its really common. Is it something to be embarrassed about. My boyfriend said that if/when we have kids (after marriage of course) he wants to be there every second. What does the doctor do if the woman does poop? Just a paranoia I guess.


Rohana - February 11

I come from a large family, and none of the females ever experienced this. Personally, I was in labor for such a long time, with nothing in my stomach to poop out! (three times).
If this is a concern of yours, best to speak to your OB. But, it should be the least that is on your mind.


Basia - February 11

My mother told me she did this with both my brother and I... she said the nurses just cleaned her up and told her it happens all the time. I'm so glad I have a great sense of humor as it is a constant joke between my mother I.


Gianne - February 11

I haven't had a child yet, but was present for 3 births. All 3 pooped on the table. My sister was even having dreams about the doctor asking her not to do it again. It depends on how big the baby is and how it comes out. 2 of the births saw the baby's shoulder getting in the way. The nurse had to press really hard on the pelvic arch to pop it and the baby came out. It forced his shoulder to squeeze enough and that pressure saw a poop on the table. No worries, it happens. Everyone is different.


Veda - February 11

It happened to me with my first child. It may have had something to do with me sneaking food while in labor. It was almost 12 years ago, but I think that they just cleaned it up and focused on the baby.


fionah jane - February 12

It's really normal but it also does not happened all the time. But for pregnant woman who give birth like this, there's nothing for them to be embarrassed happens without any reason at all, it happens because it happens.


jeia - September 9

you can actually avoid pooping while giving birth by going to the bathroom and empty your bowels in early labor.



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