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Possible Outcome
8 Replies
LykaLee - January 29

What will be the possible outcome of being pregnant having a vices of smoking and drinking? Kindly give me your views.


heatherlyn - January 30

Well, you yourself can answer it. What you have been mentioning are all negative right? So, we all know that negative acts will always have a negative result. So, expect worst things to happen with you and your child if you will not going to stop all the bad things you are doing.


KimberLee - January 30

There are people who can understand but yet choose not to do so. Vices can make people's lives devastating.One thing for sure, They Would Die Young.


Myrne - February 3

During pregnancy a woman must be very careful in her decision of what she wanted to do. Like, smoking! It gives danger to the life of the fetus. Or the infant as it grows would suffer illness, this might be the possible outcome of smoking.


jobelyn - February 5

It's no need to's very obvious. Of course if pregnant woman continue her vices even during her pregnancy..then obviously the baby will not come out healthy but the result would be the opposite of it. Unhealthy and sickly!


Cecile - April 13

You make yourself very hard to get pregnant. If ever you will get pregnant, your baby will be affected because of those vices. I suggest you should stop that.


Gayee - April 13

Well, the possible outcome would be: giving birth with defects like cleft palate or worst you will have miscarriage.


hazel_faith - April 13

That's a very good question. Drinking and smoking are harmful acts during pregnancy. Drinking can lead to facial deformities and abnormal behavioral development while smoking can lead to respiratory illnesses like asthma for a longer period of time. If you're doing this, you must stop it.


queen31 - April 13

According to researchers drinking alcohol during pregnancy will lead to acute myeloid leukemia. If you smoked while you're pregnant there's a possibility that your children will be physically smaller than children of non-smokers.



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